Contract Packaging Services

Easily access 40% of the US from our centrally located, food-grade, SQF, USDA, and FDA-certified packaging services center.

Keller Packaging is a convenient, all-in-one source for staging, packaging, and repackaging in a 410,000 square foot facility in Napoleon, Ohio. Easily access 40% of the US from our centrally located, food-grade, SQF, USDA, and FDA-certified packaging services center. Our specialized equipment allows you to price, label, pack, and wrap too many different specifications, from discount, multi/bonus, and warehouse club packs, to shippers and end-aisle displays. Over 70 full-time staff members are at your disposal when oversight and hand-packing are necessary, ensuring that your products are display-ready precisely when you need them. Our logistics experts put more than 40 years of industry experience to work for you. Whether you need an outdated label replaced or a complete overhaul to meet retailer requirements, we can achieve your goals swiftly, efficiently, and without hassle.

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Packaging & RePackaging Services

Display Building

With more than 40 years of building displays, we know what it takes to make your brand stand apart from the competition. Partner with us for a solution that minimizes costs, handoffs, and shipping weight. We specialize in custom design and assembly of end aisle displays and shipper displays.

Shrink Wrapping

Get your products and promotions ready for presentation at big box retail stores. We promise you attractive, highest-quality, tamper-resistant packaging. Our co-packing technology is capable of shrink-wrapping discount, multi, bonus, pantry, and warehouse club packs. All food products are labeled to FDA, USDA, and SQF certification standards, while our inventory management system lets you keep track of the process.

Product Assembly

At Keller Packaging, we can assemble anything from furniture to mechanical components – whatever it takes to get your products to market. Scale up your production as needed, without investing in brick-and-mortar space or human resources. Our responsive, flexible True Blue Logistics Crew is here to serve you with personalized attention.

Product Bundling

When full-enclosure shrink-wrapping isn’t ideal, our open-ended bundling solution can offer greater airflow to the product and better efficiency by using less film. Often, trays of water bottles, beer, cider, and coffee are sealed and shipped this way.

Sorting & Rework

When a defect is discovered in your supply chain, we can quickly remedy the situation with hand-sorting, reworking, repackaging, and inspection. We have a proven track record of quality sorting and containment service that puts clients back on track to meeting expectations and government standards.

Blister Packaging

Blister packaging uses heat to conform plastic display packaging to your product’s unique shape and size. We offer greater protection from UV rays and humidity to meet your specific needs. Our two Blister Pack machines are capable of face-sealing or clamshell blister packing with paper, aluminum, or film seals.

Cello Wrapping

Transparent, crinkly cello wrapping is a cost-effective way to package a number of promotional items, coupons, and consumer goods from playing cards and candy to cosmetics, dog treats, and so much more.

Kit Assembly

Multiple items can be placed together into chipboard or corrugated carton to your specifications to reduce the time between order and delivery. Product upsells, new releases, sets, demo materials, product instructions, samples, and promotional items are often packaged in pre-assembled kits with its own SKU. We’re happy to save you time and money, eliminating workflow bottlenecks wherever possible.

Carton Gluing

Bundling products will generally need to be supported by some sort of tray for stability in the repacking and heat shrink process not to mention for durability in store displays. We do this on site as the customer’s order dictates.

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Our advanced technology includes Arpacs, Dimacs, Ecotunnel BPTS, L-Bar, and Zambelli machines – just to name a few of the ways we can package your materials and consumer goods faster and more effectively than you ever thought possible. Contact a representative to learn more about our custom packaging and repackaging that can be purchased as a standalone service or bundled with our warehousing and transportation services as part of a total logistics solution.