Four Keller Trucking Tractors in a line


Are you a member of the TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association), the premier trade group in the transportation industry?

Keller Freight Solutions is a member and abide by the TIA Code of Ethics.

Do you deal in high value commodities?

Yes.  Keller Freight Solutions not only carries contingent cargo insurance, but ranks our carriers based on safety and performance metrics.  We understand that identity theft is an increasingly common method of freight theft.  As a result, Keller has developed a detailed carrier set up process to eliminate perpetrators of identity theft.  When shipping high value commodities, Keller will not only limit carrier selection to only the most reputable, but also make sure they are exactly who they say they are.

Will Keller Freight Solutions have intermodal equipment available when I need it?

Yes, we have the ability to secure contracted rates based on volume with guaranteed availability on containers to manage seasonal spikes and equipment shortages.

What does Keller Freight Solutions do to make sure loads are covered?

This is a two part answer:

Part 1 – Keller Freight Solutions puts an emphasis on doing what is right by the carrier in addition to the customer – after all we are a trucking company as well – so we are able to establish loyal carriers that work consistently with us so we don’t have to find a different carrier for every move.  One of the ways we do this is with our pay terms.  Every carrier that hauls for us gets paid in 7 days or less.  Above all, we do what we say we will and protect the customers and the carriers just as we would want to be.

Part 2 – We are very aware of our strengths, lanes, and market fluctuations.  Our methodology is simple:  Do what is right, don’t overcommit, and focus on our core competencies for the day to day.

How many carriers do you work with?

While Keller Freight Solutions has nearly 5000 carriers in our system, we find that we provide the best service when we focus on our top 20 carriers and becoming an important part of their business.  Through this partnership, we develop loyalties that allow us to handle needs when capacity is thin in the spot market.

What type of equipment can Keller Freight Solutions provide?

While Keller Trucking is primarily a dry van carrier with over 300 trailers, within our select group of “partner carriers” we have very diverse types of equipment that allows us to meet nearly any need a customer may have.  We have available to us: flatbeds, step decks, RGNs, dumps and hopper bottom type trailers. This allows us to service customers with special needs far beyond what our company fleet could. Because of our special relationship with our partner carriers we can also offer rapid respond to these special needs; usually within 24hr or less.

Do you have any company trucks?

Keller Trucking possesses an asset division of over 100 trucks that we work with in addition to our carrier network.  We have found that our customers are best served if we focus on what’s important to them and then utilize all options where they are appropriate to meet those needs. Quite often the solution is a mix of capabilities.

Communication is most important, how do you monitor your carriers?

Keller Freight Solution’s systems keeps our shipments in front of us where we can see easily what is coming up.  Every Carrier is spoken with multiple times during each shipment.

  1. Dispatch the driver – verifying hours, status, and location
  2. At pick up and departure
  3. At delivery arrival and completion
  4. At 10 AM daily to update their progress and identify potential delays.

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