Partner Carriers

Access to consistent freight at year-round prices

Keller Freight Solutions is an affiliate of Keller Logistics Group that provides transportation brokerage services to customers throughout industries like plastics, metals, and food & beverage. Located in NW Ohio, their partner carrier network of over 7,000 carriers allows them to provide their customers safe and reliable transportation for their products.

When carriers sign up to be a partner carrier with Keller Freights Solutions, they receive access to:

  • A dedicated carrier procurement representative,
  • Keller Freight Solutions’ Parade load board and first access to book future loads,
  • Fuel discounts and flexible payment options,
  • Contractual freight opportunities,
  • Consistent freight at year-round rates.

partner Carrier Benefits

Our Background

Our roots are in transportation! Keller Trucking started over 40 years and has expanded throughout the logistics industry. As a transportation broker, we provide our customers and carriers a full suite of solutions focused on technology. We use tools like project44 and Parade to seamlessly match our customers lanes to our partner carriers based on the carriers geographic preferences.

By providing our carriers consistent lanes from our customers, carriers have access to lanes that move at the year round rates and intervals, keeping your trucks moving!

Keller Freight Solutions Team Photo

project44 Tracking

project44 gives our customers peace of mind with real-time visibility into where their freight is.  It also reduces the amount of check calls made by 75%.  project44 can use your ELD, API into your TMS, or your drivers’ phones for tracking – tracking begins 90 minutes before scheduled pickup and stops after leaving the geofence of the receiver, so we only have visibility into our load.  Not to mention, you earn rewards points for every load successfully tracked in project44!


Parade is more than just a private load board for all of our available freight, where you can quote and book without talking to anyone.  We can set up internal rules to route certain freight just to preferred carriers who can book before anyone else.  Parade utilizes AI and machine learning to understand what loads you may be interested in, and sends you targeted lanes that may match your freight needs.  And once again, when you use Parade’s “Book Now” feature you earn rewards points!

Carrier Requirements:

    Providing our customers with safe and reliable carriers is a top priority for the Carrier Procurement team. To ensure we provide quality carrier options, we’ve set minimum qualifications for all our carriers:

    • At least 3 months authority with approved or active authority status
    • No conditional carriers

    Please call our Carrier Procurement team if you have questions or would like to discuss becoming a partner carrier, 419.784.4805 ext. 1


    Carrier Testimonials

    TD Beck Trucking has continued to enjoy a great long standing working relationship with Keller Freight. Keller’s carrier services and quick response team always help our Keller loads go smoothly, even when unforeseen issues arise. When I call Keller, I know I’m going to speak with someone who cares and wants to help get the job done!

    Nick Coats

    Logistics Manager, TD Beck Trucking, LLC

    Keller Logistics and Whitacre Logistics have been doing business for a long time. The people at Keller are very easy to work with and can adapt to any situation that arises without any problem. I would say that Keller is definitely one of the best we work with on a daily basis.

    John Hagen

    Logistics Manager, Whitacre Logistics, LLC

    Dellriver Services LLC has worked with Keller Freight Solutions for approximately 5+ years. We appreciate the consistency of freight over the years. Working with Keller Freight Solutions has grown our company’s freight volume. Communication is great. The brokers are very personable, flexible and willing to accommodate our drivers.

    John Broadway

    Dellriver Services LLC

    Become a Partner Carrier

    Interested in becoming a Keller Freight Solutions partner carrier? Simply click on the link below to be taken to our enrollment form. A member of our carrier procurement team will reach out after they have had a chance to review your profile to discuss lanes available and to learn more about your geographic preferences and specialized equipment so we can easily match you with appropriate freight.


    Click here to become a partner carrier! 

    Keller Freight Solutions Carrier Rewards Program logo

    Our new Keller Freight Solutions Partner Carrier Rewards Program recognizes our partner carriers for their dedication to helping us provide transportation options to our customers. Carriers earn points for accepting loads, providing load tracking via ELD, using the Book Now feature, and more!

    As you earn points, you’ll move up from a Bronze Partner Carrier all the up to Blue Chip status. Along the way, you’ll earn perks such as gift cards, Keller apparel, access to discounts on fuel and maintenance, and even options for quick pay.

    All Partner Carrier Rewards members are eligible for an ELD hardware/software subscription discount through Keep Truckin

    Keep reading to learn more or call our Carrier Procurement team to discuss further at 419.784.4805 ext. 1.

    How to Earn Points

    How Carriers Earn Points in the Keller Freight Solutions Carrier Rewards Program
    Bronze Level Carrier Rewards Program with Keller Freight Solutions

    Bronze Level - 2,500 Points

    Pick 2 of the following:

    • $50 gift card to Love’s
    • Set of 6 straps
    • Air Fryer or Instant Pot
    • 1 – 12 month SiriusXM Subscription*

    *Credit card required at signup will be billed after 1st year if not canceled.


    Silver Status Icon for Keller Freight Solutions Carrier Rewards

    Silver Level - 5,000 Points

    Pick 1 of the following:

    • $100 gift card to Love’s ($25 or $50 increments)
    • $100 gift card to GrubHub, UberEats or DoorDash
    • $100 credit to TruckPark

    Keller Freight Solutions polo

    3-month membership to the Trucking Fitness Company for 5 drivers



    Gold Level Partner Carrier Status for Keller Freight Solutions

    Gold Level - 10,000 Points

    Pick 1 of the following:

    • Chromebook
    • BlueParrot headset

    Keller Freight Solutions jacket 

    Access to Keller’s national account discount pricing for maintenance and roadside service with Love’s

    Access to Keller Freight Solutions’ fuel discount program with Love’s (subject to credit approval)

    1% 10-day quick pay

    Keller Freight Solutions Blue Chip Partner Carrier Level for Carrier Rewards Program

    Blue Chip - 15,000 Points

    Free 10-day quick pay

    Access to Keller Trucking’s fuel discount*

    *Subject to credit approval

    Bronze Swag Bag

    Keller Freight Solutions Partner Carrier Welcome Gift

    Silver Swag Bag

    Keller Freight Solutions Silver Swag Bag

    Gold Swag Bag

    Keller Freight Solutions Gold Swag Bag

    Partner Carrier Rewards Program Requirements:

    All carriers enrolled in Keller Freight Solutions Carrier Reward Program must sign up for ACH settlements and Parade.  These platforms help us streamline our operations so we can continue to provide our carriers with access to a variety of lanes throughout the United States.


    ACH Settlements

    The carrier must be set up to receive settlements via ACH. When you register for the Carrier Reward Program, our finance team will reach out to the primary contact listed on the registration with the necessary paperwork.

    Sign up for Parade

    Parade is free for carriers and allows them access to easily view available loads, provide a quote, and has a book now feature – which using gets you 50 extra points per load!

    Sign up for the Carrier Rewards Program Today:


    Partner Carrier Rewards Program Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I sign up for Keller Carrier Rewards without signing up for Parade or ACH settlements?

    No, part of being a partner we are going to reward is doing things that make doing business easy.  ACH allows us to process payment to you efficiently and with less cost, and Parade gives you visibility into all available loads where you can book digitally.  These things create efficiency and scale for us, and is necessary to sign up for our rewards program

    How will I be notified about how many points I’ve earned, and when I reach any rewards tiers?

    Monthly, the contact used to sign up for Keller Carrier Rewards will receive an email with points earned for the month, total points earned in the last 12 months, and current tier status (if applicable).  In addition, once reaching a tier further instructions will be received on how to redeem the rewards earned at that tier

    Do points expire?

    Points accumulate on a previous 12 month roll.  If at any time during a 12 month span you reach any tier, you will qualify for those rewards.  Unless you reach a higher tier, you will remain in that tier for a minimum of 3 months.  After those 3 months, you need to have earned enough points in the previous 12 to still qualify for that tier or you no longer qualify

    How will the fuel discounts work, since we are not part of the Keller company?

    Once you qualify for one of our 2 levels of fuel discounts and want to take advantage of them, we will provide you with a credit application.  Upon approval, we will send as many QuikQ cards as requested and your company will be a sub-account under us.  All fuel pumped using those cards will be billed to you, just under our blanket discount umbrella.  With our own fleet of trucks and aggregating gallons with our best partner carriers, most times we will be able to provide you significant savings on your fuel spend