Why Choose Keller?

Our Roots Are In Asset-based Trucking

Not too many brokers you talk to can say the same. You can’t say you know the brokerage business if you haven’t experienced the dynamics of for-hire fleet management. With over 3 decades of experience in the “trucking trenches” we have industry insights that we share freely with you to give you an edge not realized with brokers without the trucking expertise we have.

Our Culture

We’re not a “one and done” kind of company. Frankly – relationships that are simply transactional are not a good fit for us primarily because you won’t realize the greatest benefits from our services on simply a transactional level. There are brokers and there are shippers that thrive on that type of business relationship but not us – and we hope that’s not you either.

Our industries are dynamic and can be quite volatile at times. We pride ourselves on working in tandem with you; even daily if needed, to stay aware of your changing needs. This helps assure you that the services we provide you today and tomorrow contribute to you realizing your progressive transportation management goals.

Advocates for Small and Medium Sized Shippers

Keller Logistics Group and its affiliates take a personalized approach with all our prospects and customers. Our culture reflects that of small and medium sized shippers, like you, because we’re not one of the “big dogs” either. We know firsthand the economies of companies your size and we advocate for you to achieve the strongest market position possible when it comes to managing your transportation needs.

Our Use of Technology

We have invested in Keypoint, a transportation management system designed specifically for freight brokers and 3PLs. Keypoint Software is part of DAT Solutions, which operates North America’s largest load board network where brokers, carriers, and shippers posted over 100 million loads and trucks in 2013. DAT also provides real-time freight rates based on $24 billion of transactions, as well as supply and demand trends to the largest network of transportation professionals in the world.

With this software we can very efficiently perform:

  • Load entries
  • Truck searches
  • Operational controls
  • Dispatch/tracking functions
  • Build and monitor carrier profiles



We have also developed a platform where logistics coordinators can text carriers directions to shippers and receivers without using phones.  This allows drivers to still have the ability to receive directions or any other pertinent information regarding loads on their phone, all coming from the very computer that the logistics coordinator uses all day.  This improves efficiency throughout the freight movement.

The human element is still very critical regardless of the technology we use. Our logistics coordinators perform multiple “check calls” with our carriers – from dispatch through delivery so that we have the most up-to-the-hour status of your shipment.

Carrier Safety – They Gotta Be TRUE BLUE Too!

Keller Freight Solutions understands that carrier safety and compliance is a very important concern.  An improperly vetted carrier exposes shippers to certain liabilities in the event of a catastrophic accident.

The industry has seen negligent hiring lawsuits extend to the shipper as a result of hiring a logistics firm that does not have a sound safety strategy in place.  While many brokerage firms operate a system of managed risk, Keller firmly believes that the correct and ethical choice is to utilize a system that will hold carriers accountable to the same metrics to which we hold our asset based fleet at Keller Trucking. Keller Freight Solutions is committed to best practices as it pertains to carrier recruitment and management.

As a result, Keller Freight Solutions implemented a new safety strategy that places a heavy emphasis on recruiting and developing carriers that exhibit safe operation and place a value on safety scores and programs.  We call it our “BLUE CHIP Partner Carrier” program.


These carriers are nurtured and developed while those with inferior safety protocols are shut off and moved out of our “BLUE CHIP” program.  It is our goal to provide the best service possible in the safest manner possible at the most competitive price.

We Do Your Bidding For You!

As a value added service to you, we source and conduct RFP activities for your freight on a regular basis – just as if we were doing it for ourselves. We will conduct custom bid events and source contract capacity quotes on your behalf as your shipment activity warrants.

Single Source Freight Management Assistance

Unlike mega brokers, you can depend on having one point of contact at Keller Freight Solutions. You’re not passed around to the “next available customer service representative” each time you call. That’s not how we feel relationships are developed. Your account is matched to the Logistics Coordinator with the knowledge and expertise for your industry and type of freight.

Risk Management

Nothing is more valuable than the safety of our human assets.  Only second to that is the value of your freight. As our BLUE CHIP carrier partners are an extension of our Brand and your satisfaction is what keeps you coming back, we have staff dedicated to evaluating and monitoring the CSA BASIC scores of our BLUE CHIP carrier partners on a daily basis. We want you to have peace of mind that we’re committed to protecting what’s valuable to you.

Commitment to Carrier Loyalty

We maintain respectful, highly desirable business partnerships with our “BLUE CHIP” carrier partners. We show the same courtesy and respect to them as we hope others show our own drivers.  We strive for mutually beneficial relationships. That’s just good business. The long-term relationships we build with our carrier partners provides you with dependability and continuity in your freight program with us.

We support our carrier partners with Quick Pay programs, paid fair accessorial charges, detention paid when due, lumpers reimbursed, accurate consignee directions and a dedicated Logistics Coordinator providing ongoing support.

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