performance guarantee


Keller Logistics Group is the only asset-based 3PL that offers a full spectrum Performance Guarantee across all our services - transportation, warehousing, and co-packing.

What We Guarantee

100% On Time Pick-up & Delivery

It can be assumed that all shippers expect this level of service, but in the industry, it’s just not realistic UNLESS you have the infrastructure in place to ensure it happens. Working together – we can.

100% Order Accuracy Fulfillment

Processing and shipping orders have a human element which can increase the margin of error as people make mistakes. When internal controls exist to catch errors however, the result is our commitment to ship orders correctly every time and to your specifications.

100% Inventory Accuracy

If you utilize a robust WMS, as we do, and if the inputs or receipts are accurate from the shipper, obtaining the industry average inventory accuracy of 97% is obtainable. But isn’t 100% better? That’s what you’ll get from us!

You Should Take Advantage of Our Performance Guarantee If You…

Require On Time In Full

If you have or are implementing OTIF performance metrics, especially if fines are imposed if the shipment is not delivered on time and in full.

Operate Digitally

If you utilize or plan to utilize digital inventory naming and labeling services

Use a WMS

If you have or are wanting to develop more efficient shipping & receiving practices or KPIs

Use ASNs

If you utilize or plan to utilize inbound & outbound electronic shipping notices
A Performance Guarantee is a formal promise or assurance that certain conditions of an agreement will be fulfilled.

From our Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Keller:

“When asked why we chose to offer a guarantee at all, we believe in our abilities to perform at the highest level of customer satisfaction, so we’re willing to back it up.  When both the service provider and the customer have a stake in the result, service will be impeccable.”

Does your logistics provider guarantee their performance?


Keller Logistics Performance Guarantee


We’ve brought together the top questions we’ve received through our sales & customer services teams. If you have other questions, please contact one of our National Accounts Managers above.

How will the pickup and delivery times be validated and who will validate them?

Pickup and delivery times will be validated by Keller’s ELD data and be reported to you.

How will I know if our truck wasn’t loaded/unloaded within an hour?

A Keller representative will notify you of an impending detention issue after the truck has been in your dock for 45 minutes

How will we know if Keller violated the agreement and we are having 10% taken off our invoice?

A Keller representative will notify their contact at your company of the error and send an email with the ELD data verifying this.

How will our accounts payable department be made aware of the 10% discount on a load if Keller does not arrive within 15 minutes of the appointment? Conversely, how will our AP department know if we owe Keller $100.00 per hour of detention if we violate the agreement?

A Keller representative will notify their contact at your company and send a copy of the dock in/out times with ELD data verifying the information will accompany the invoice. 

Our freight is important, you are expected to be on time regardless…

Yes, freight should be on time regardless. However, if Keller is held up at your dock getting loaded due to circumstances beyond Keller’s control, Keller cannot be held liable for late delivery. 

How far in advance do we need to tender a load to get the guarantee?

Loads need to be booked with Keller 24 hours prior to the planned pick up.

Does “within 15 minutes of appointment time” apply for both early and late arrival by 15 minutes?


What if shipment or inventory accuracy isn’t as important to me as other metrics? Can you apply your Performance Guarantee to the metrics I find important?

Yes, we can certainly apply our Performance Guarantee to what you find important in your business. Our National Account Manager will listen to your needs and will consult with our operations team to craft a performance guarantee to suit your needs.

As it relates to inventory accuracy, what if my company is unable to provide you with labels that are standard and scanable with unique LPN’s. Is my company still eligible for the performance guarantee?

Your National Accounts Manager will assess your current processes and see if we can work out another option to receive your LPN’s in a format that works for both of us.

Regarding shipment accuracy, what if my current process doesn’t allow me to give 24 hour’s notice to schedule a carrier to pick-up my product at your warehouse? Does this make me ineligible for your performance guarantee?

While 24 hours is ideal to give our warehouse adequate time to have your product ready to be shipped, your National Accounts Manager will assess your current process to better understand whether a shorter amount of lead time will be adequate.

How will inventory accuracy be calculated?

There are several industry-standard methods for calculating inventory accuracy. Your National Accounts Manager will collaborate with you on determining which method will work for both of us.