Heavy Haul Program

What impact to your business would you see if you were able ship your high volume, heavy commodities using a more convenient and cost-effective approach?

Keller Trucking’s Heavy Haul program is another way we provide flexible solutions to our customers. In 2008, it started with a thought – if we reduced the weight of our equipment, we could haul more of our customers’ product on one trailer, thus decreasing the number of loads needed to ship the product. So we began working with our equipment manufacturers to reduce the overall weight of our tractor-trailer combinations.  After 12 months of hard work and collaboration, we were able to reduce the tractor-trailer combination weight by 22%, thus allowing us to haul up to 52,000 lbs. per trailer, all while staying under the gross vehicle weight limits.  Since that time, Keller Trucking’s Heavy Haul program has developed into one of the most effective solutions for many weight-sensitive shippers in our service area.

Fewer total loads means:

heavyhaul-bullet1 Less overall loading
time/dock times
 heavyhaul-bullet3 Increased productivity
 heavyhaul-bullet5 Fewer labor hours
 heavyhaul-bullet7 Lower fuel surcharge
 heavyhaul-bullet9 Reduced carbon
 heavyhaul-bullet2 Fewer BOL’s resulting
in less paperwork
 heavyhaul-bullet4 Less truck traffic
 heavyhaul-bullet6 Less work for
freight auditing
 heavyhaul-bullet8 Lower line haul cost
 heavyhaul-bullet10 Lower per
pound/unit cost

Our commitment to our customers is a priority, and that’s what makes us a ‘True Blue’ solutions provider.

Not convinced?  See the potential savings by completing our Heavy Haul Calculator.  And when you’re ready to make the switch to a more cost effective and greener solution, give Keller Trucking a call.