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Keller Cares

At Keller Logistics Group, we are in the constant pursuit of protecting and enhancing three things: our environment, our employees, and our communities.


We may be true blue, but that doesn’t stop us from being green.

Across the board, Keller Logistics Group has implemented environmentally-friendly programs to help conserve the planet’s resources.  From our heavy haul program, to our eco-friendly warehouse lighting, to our yearly recycling of nearly a million pounds of cardboard and plastic (to name a few), we do our part in protecting Mother Nature.


Time may be money, but life is priceless.

Safety isn’t just a priority at Keller – it’s an obsession.  From truck drivers to warehouse supervisors, each and every employee is thoroughly and regularly trained on best safety practices.  After all, it’s not by coincidence that our trucking safety scores are among the best in the industry, or that we’ve been accident-free in our warehouses for over 1000 days (and counting).

A lot of companies say that they care about safety, but at Keller, we believe actions speak louder than words. So, to further demonstrate our passion for safety, we pay weekly bonuses to those drivers who uphold Keller’s standard of excellence in safe driving.


To care is to serve.

Keller Logistics Group is committed to serving the communities in which we conduct business.  Whether it’s collecting shoes for charity, cleaning up local roadways for the Adopt-a-Highway program, or lending a trailer to the Boy Scouts of America, Keller strives to always a contributing force for good in the community.