Keller Launches New Branding

Referred to this spring as the “Keller Metamorphosis”, Keller Logistics Group’s marketing department launched internally the components of its rebranding campaign.  The impetus to the rebranding was essentially a demonstration of a company maturing, growing in size, scope, and responsibility and wanting something symbolic – something we felt exuded this rejuvenated energy.

It all began with a color – blue. International Glacier Blue to be exact. This has been the color of our tractors for decades and it was a keeper as it was highly recognized by drivers in our region. “Aren’t you the guys with those baby blue tractors?” Yes – yes we are (proudly). The Process Blue “K” atop the tractor was the second blue of the family. A pattern is developing here – right? Well Obviously – this company likes blue.

So – when you can beat ‘em – join ‘em as they say and we changed our focus on searching for the perfect blue palette to represent Keller Logistics Group and its affiliates.

Did you know there are over 1291 shades of BLUE?

While looking through the menagerie of blues we came across one called “True Blue” and things really started to click in our marketing minds. Keeping in mind how impressed we were with the customer-centric culture of Keller; when we saw the words “True Blue” and having a basic understanding of what that word meant – it hit us!

We immediately googled the words “true blue” and it all fell into place.

The words used in the definition of “true blue” described us to a tee here at Keller and a perfect way to market us – by the tenants of this very definition. So…we thought to ourselves, how about

“Your True Blue Logistics Crew” for the corporate tag line? It’s catchy, relevant, applicable to all areas of the business AND (hopefully) easily remembered. Although there are different companies that we represent – in the end we’re still all on the same “crew” – right?

Additionally and very significant….in a recent survey to our customers they were asked what are the most important characteristics of a logistics provider and their top two answers were:


From this input we developed our “Brand Promise”.