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Packaging Solutions

Packaging Capabilities

Our packaging machines include a Zambelli, a Dimac, 3 Arpac clear film machines, an L-Bar and enclosed box gluing machine.  This is in addition to all of our hand packing services.  These assets make Keller Packaging an ideal solutions provider for many situations, including discount and bonus packs, multi-packs or warehouse club packs, or any other promotional packaging, as well as shippers and end aisle displays.

The Zambelli machine offers variable speed, tray packing and shrink wrapping packaging capabilities.  In addition, it can run 2UP pre-printed film, meaning double the output and faster packaging turnaround times.  Our Dimac machine can repackage bottles, pharmaceuticals, or jars on pre-printed film that gets shrink wrapped as it goes through the machine.  Our 3 Arpac machines can be used to repackage your product with clear film, protecting it from damage while still displaying the product to end consumers.  And our L-Bar machine has three sealing sides to efficiently seal and cut centerfold shrink wrap in one motion, producing a tight yet transparent overwrap for clear product presentation.