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Your ‘True Blue’ one-stop shop for all of your

Warehouse, Repackaging & Co-packing Needs!

At Keller Packaging, an SQF certified location, we have established quite the reputation with our hard work and flexibility in meeting our customers’ packaging requirements and schedules. Attention to detail and attaining the highest quality standards have become a way of life for us.  From receipt of product, to co-packing or repackaging needs, to storage and distribution, Keller Packaging is there for you. Our machines allow us to repackage cans or bottles with or without pads or cartons, and process the product into 4, 6, 8, 12, 18 or 24 packs. We can run pre-printed film, clear film, 2UP pre-printed film, or enclosed box gluing.  Some of our other current products includes EADs (end aisle displays), shipper displays, and products for Amazon.  If you have products that need rework or labeling, we can do that too, with all FDA and USDA required tracking! Here at Keller Packaging, we will receive your product into our certified food grade warehouse. We can then repackage your product using our production machines and highly skilled employees, and then store it in our warehouse and ship it using our assets at Keller Trucking or your designated carrier. Our warehouse is FDA and USDA certified, and utilizes bulk and rack storage along with our WMS system which includes bar code scanning.