Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

When working with Keller Logistics Group, you can take pride in the fact that you are doing business with a company that cares for the environment.  We have taken a very proactive stance in reducing our carbon footprint, and continue to be aggressive in doing so, even as we continue to grow at a rapid pace.  No matter if it’s Keller Trucking, Keller Warehousing & Distribution, Keller Packaging, or our support operations, we continue to commit to strategies and policies to help create a cleaner, and greener, environment for future generations.  How exactly do we do this?  Below is a list of just some of things we have implemented as part of that commitment.

Keller Trucking

  • Smartway Transport Partner
  • Auxiliary Power Units (APU’s) to reduce truck idle time
  • OTR trucks use super single tires, increasing fuel efficiency
  • Aerodynamic side skirts also help increase fuel efficiency
  • Trucks’ Cummins engines burn clean
  • Trucks governed at 65 mph
  • Driver incentive program based on fuel economy and idling time
  • Lightweight trailers & ability to offer heavy haul program means more product per load and less total loads, which also translates to less paperwork
  • Recycling program for oil and tires

Keller Warehousing & Distribution

  • Low-watt fluorescent lights with motion sensors
  • LED dock lights
  • Transition to battery powered forklifts to save on propane
  • EDI capable (and preferred) to reduce amount of paperwork
  • Recycling program of all cardboard and plastic

Keller Packaging

  • Low-watt fluorescent lights with motion sensors
  • Recycling program – in 2013, Keller Packaging recycled 556K pounds of cardboard and 146K pounds of plastic

Keller Logistics Group, Inc.

  • Adopt a Highway – we sponsor a 2 mile stretch of road near our HQ in Defiance, OH to help clean local roadways
  • Recycling program for all cardboard, plastic, cans, newspaper, and copy paper
  • All old unused computers and office equipment disposed of at central recycling point instead of going to a landfill
  • New facilities are seeing an increased awareness to repurpose materials (new offices in Defiance, OH have reused parts of old trailers as part of their office furniture)