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We have created the interactive Logistical Lowdown Monthly to put the most recently published economic and industry-related statistics right at your fingertips. Look for it in your email during the first week of the month. Please share with any colleagues that may be interested in receiving important up-to-date data.
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The Bowtie Economist Elliot Eisenberg

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April 2020

Keep an eye on the month-to-month changes in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), take a look forward with the forecasted data, and stay on top of proposed legislation, all of which is found here in the Logistical Lowdown Monthly. You will also have access to information about inflation, changes in interest rates and the unemployment rate, all of which play a part in driving pricing and can affect supply chain strategies.

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March 2020

The economic forecast is improving and should continue trending upward for the remaining three quarters of the year, bringing the GDP to pre-pandemic levels by mid-year.