Spotting/Shuttle Services

In today’s world, warehouse efficiency is directly related to inventory optimization throughout the supply chain.  To accomplish this, you need to maximize inventory flow in your warehouse as inventory enters and leaves your facility.

At Keller Trucking, we make this happen with Keller Spot.  We provide real-time information, intelligent work direction and give you complete visibility of trucks, trailers, drivers, goods, and materials – from the moment they arrive at the gate to the moment they leave your facility. With a graphical interface, you can manage your transactions easily.  Drag-and-drop functionality converts on screen trailer moves into directed work for yard drivers. Easy to read symbols display key information such as trailer type, status, disposition, ownership, as well as which trailers are damaged or out of service, and fuel remaining in refrigerated vehicles.

With Keller Spot, you will also be able to track the location of trailers and other equipment, no matter where it ends up in the yard with RFID-based, real-time location tracking. This ensures security and streamlines workflows by providing you with actual position of equipment in the yard, thus eliminating time consuming searches for misplaced trailers.  Additionally, dynamic appointment scheduling capabilities will streamline dock assignments, helping to ensure you don’t double book docks, even if circumstances change at the last minute.

Even with the best technology, a yard cannot manage itself.  But with Keller Spot, you are provided with a wealth of insightful data and reporting capabilities, enabling more informed decisions about inventory deployment.  Keller Spot also gives you the capability to manage several yards at once, whether they are in one location or across the country.

Benefits of Keller Spot

Graphical interface Maximize labor efficiency

Achieve accurate snapshot of yard contents

Real-time location tracking Capture accurate equipment locations

Eliminate time-consuming searches

Dynamic appointment scheduling Adjust dock schedule quickly as needed
Real-time visibility Improve decision-making

Maximize cross-docking opportunities

Achieve superior management control

Manage multiple yards with ease

Inventory accuracy Reduce shrinkage and spoilage

Avoid costly errors

Reduce backorders and stock-outs

Fill customer orders accurately, on time