Keller Trucking invests in the latest technology that enables our customers to know where their product is at any phase of the supply chain. This technology also allows our staff to efficiently manage our drivers and equipment that drive the decisions needed to provide the service that our customers have come to rely on as a top tier logistics operation.

TMW Suite

TMW is the Transportation Management System (TMS) that is utilized by Keller Trucking that drives the efficiency of our operation. This tool integrates all the functions and services for end-to-end transportation processes. The functions in TMW allow us to manage the unique and specific needs of our business. It enables us to have the devices that put us in control of the information needed to make plans, set them in motion, monitor results and make adjustments to continuously improve. By utilizing TMW, it has improved our operation in the following ways:

  • Improved billed ratio by 11%
  • Increased revenue per mile by 5.6%
  • Reduced empty miles by 8%
  • Reduced driver turnover by 40%

PeopleNet Satellite Tracking

PeopleNet is used to help Keller Trucking achieve their expectation of 100% legal logs. Every tractor is outfitted with Electronic On Board Recorders (EOBR). PeopleNet gives us the ability to track each of our trucks and provide real-time data to our Operations Center in order to make the best decisions for our drivers and our customers. PeopleNet has helped Keller Trucking to increase safety and compliance, reduce operating costs, and provide improved customer service. Additionally, PeopleNet enables us to:

  • Know what went on in the seconds before an accident occurs
  • Monitor our drivers’ performance in real-time
  • Coach our drivers before they develop bad habits that can result in an accident
  • Manage Hours of Service (HOS) and rise exposure
  • Allow us to manage our fuel consumption
  • Provide our customers with real-time data on their shipments

SkyBitz Satellite Trailer Tracking

Driving efficiencies in our assets is part of what sets us apart from the competition. By effectively managing our assets, we are able to manage costs wisely, which drives better rates for our customers and peace of mind that their freight is being tracked along the entire supply chain. SkyBitz satellite tracking allows us to manage our trailer pool from our home office for any trailer, anywhere in the country.

SkyBitz uses a variety of remote asset tags and associated intelligent sensors to monitor and report the location and condition of trailers. The flexibility and adaptability of SkyBitz drives more informed decision making and operational processes as we seek to become more efficient to support our long-term growth. The benefits that SkyBitz offers are numerous. A few that Keller Trucking has capitalized on in the 8 years we have used them are:

  • In-Transit visibility of trailers
  • Fleet dispatch optimization and improved trailer utilization
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Safety and security to prevent trailer and cargo theft

DriveCam by Lytx

At Keller Trucking, our motto is, “Time May Be Money, but Life is Priceless”. It is not something that we take lightly, and we hold that motto near and dear to our hearts. That is why in 2013 we implemented DriveCam in the cabs of our tractors so we can assess what is happening 8 seconds before an accident and 4 seconds after an accident occurs.

The DriveCam Program identifies why accidents happen by using their patented video event recorder to capture and correct risky driving habits. Once installed, DriveCam delivers critical online tools and techniques to improve safety, performance and fuel management. The outcome is bottom-line results because of safer and more efficient drivers, protected from wrongful blame. The benefits of DriveCam include:

  • Collision prevention
  • Helps prevent fraudulent claims
  • Helps prevent fuel waste
  • Helps prevent non-compliance to FMCSA and company policies
  • Protects our drivers
  • Protects our brand
  • Exemplify good corporate citizenship

SquareRigger – Fleet Maintenance Software

When maintaining a fleet of over 100 tractors and 400 trailers, maintenance costs are a large part of the budget and having the right software to manage maintenance is crucial to the bottom line. With that in mind, in 2011 Keller Trucking purchased SquareRigger Fleet Maintenance software to help manage our maintenance program and reduce costs.

SquareRigger Maintenance Software is designed for fleets of all sizes. It gives us the power to more accurately analyze and report critical information about vehicles, equipment, staff and operations so we can keep costs under control and keep our fleet running smoothly. It provides a wide range of recording and reporting options so we can track data by vehicle, by day, by hour, or however we want to view it, adapting to how we do business.