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Keller Trucking – Industries Served

With 40 years of experience servicing numerous industries, Keller Trucking has gained valuable business expertise that can help you overcome your biggest transportation concerns. We have transported just about every type of cargo and we know what it takes to move goods efficiently, cost-effectively and on-time.

Keller Trucking’s areas of specialization include:

AutomotiveAutomotive 150dpi

Keller Trucking has serviced OEM and aftermarket automotive parts manufacturers for decades. That doesn’t continue unless you provide dependable and consistent levels of service. The automotive industry makes unique demands on its carriers and not all can meet the challenge. Trust the logistics professionals at Keller Trucking to respect and adhere to your routing and delivery requirements.

Building MaterialsBuilding Materials 150dpi

Transporting building supplies and raw materials requires ingenuity to get parts to the construction site at precisely the right time for placement. It requires imagination to determine how to pack a heavy, oversized load securely. A successful transport requires white glove service and extra care to make sure nothing gets damaged during hauls. We have experience moving everything from fragile ceramic tiles and drywall to solar glass panels. Our dedicated truckload services include expert planning to select the most efficient lanes, all the while conserving fuel, eliminating idle time, and reducing emissions.

Chemicals (Non-Hazmat)Chemicals 150dpi

Keller Trucking specializes in transporting non-hazmat industrial chemicals for several hundred national and global brands. Efficiency and dependability in hauling these products is critical in the supply chain as many are raw materials or additives necessary to produce end-user products.

Consumer ProductsConsumer Products 150dpi

Filling your supply chain requires considerable planning, scheduling efficiency, and flexibility, which is why partnering with Keller Trucking is a wise move. We pride ourselves on reliability and innovative problem-solving that gets products moved from manufacturing centers and warehouses to retailers across the country. Transportation represents a huge expense for companies that manufacture and sell consumer goods, but with the right partner, you can securely transport your valued commodities in a systematic way to keep the shelves stocked and customers happy.

Food and BeverageFood & Beverage 150dpi

Food and beverage trucking is one of the most challenging niches within the transportation industry, as there is little room for error. The slightest delay can cause spoilage and huge losses. Failure to hit volume spikes leads to missed opportunities for seasonal growers. Working with a company like Keller Trucking, which uses the latest technology, advanced equipment, and logistical expertise can optimize your transportation strategy and rapidly replenish your supply chain as needed. A complex choreography is needed to sequence deliveries within specified delivery windows. Our team not only ensures that your products will reach your stores or DCs on time, we also follow all FDA requirements for food safety. We use GPS-enabled temperature tracking devices to ensure food safety throughout the process, as well as RFID technology on our equipment for easy traceability.

Food Production 150dpiFood Production

Agricultural productivity hinges greatly upon the ability to transport produce to market. We offer both dry van and refrigerated reefer truck service to best suit your needs. We use state-of-the-art technology to track perishable food items, maintain cold storage remotely, and communicate the status of your agricultural products every step of the way. Our carriers abide by the Food Safety Modernization Act, according to FDA standards. Whether you require dedicated shipments or need to use our trucks for peak season transport, Keller Trucking provides the innovation you need.

Health and BeautyHealth & Beauty 150dpi

Take advantage of Keller’s integrated warehousing and delivery services to save time and money. We’re prepared to scale up at a moment’s notice to help you meet rising demand. As a total logistics provider, Keller has the capacity to handle additional needs like warehousing inventory management and contract packaging services.

MetalsMetals 150dpi

Scrap metal is one of America’s most valuable exports. Our scrap metal shipping solutions include dedicated service lanes that meet your needs. As a leading logistics provider, we believe in forming lasting partnerships to cost-effectively move scrap metal locally or across the country if necessary. We haul structural and stainless steels, copper and aluminum, pipes, non-ferrous metal bales and more. We have access to a wide range of specialized vehicles, including dry vans, flatbeds, and RGNs. Our modern online tracking system lets you keep track of your freight wherever it is in your yard or en route, while our friendly team of logistics experts deliver superb customer service. If you have a lot of scrap to move, ask us about our Heavy Haul Program, which moves up to 52,000 pounds per truckload – 22% greater weight capacity than the competition – while offering quicker dock loading times, fewer labor hours, lower fuel surcharge, and reduced carbon emissions.

Packaging & ContainersPackaging Containers

Packaging containers are often heavy, oversized, and subject to various stresses. We’re experienced in load security, humidity management, fit-for-purpose packaging, and expert handling. The packaging containers we ship meet all government regulatory guidelines for safety. Our team prioritizes load planning and distribution to ensure that your containers arrive efficiently, but also in one piece and ready for loading.

Paper Products 150dpi

Paper Products

Keller Trucking understands the unique needs of the forest products industry, such as safeguarding the product from dirt, moisture, damage, and defect. There is no room for error when shipping delicate goods like paper, which can become easily crushed, crumpled, or blemished – rendering it defective and unfit for sale. With 40 years of logistics experience, we are a dependable shipper of books, newspapers, magazines, wrapping papers, office supplies, and raw paper products.

Plastics 150dpiPlastics

Plastic products and bulk plastic materials must be packaged with efficiency to avoid warping and damage in transit. We’re different than other plastic transportation companies in that we use advanced tracking systems to monitor drivers, tractor trailers, and cargo. We employ CSA scorecards and E-Logs to ensure safety and adherence to regulations. Our fleet is well-maintained and equipped to haul up to 52,000 pounds of plastic material per load.

RetailKeller Logistics Serving the Retail Industry

To be competitive in such a high stakes industry, retail goods manufacturers need to be flexible and ready to scale up production and shipping as demand increases. Let Keller Trucking supply your partners with products exactly when they’re needed. Our full range of services include full truckload services; 24/7 tracking and customer care; experienced drivers and a full range of trailer availability. Built-in core efficiencies are designed to save retail manufacturers money and hassle at every turn.

Contact Keller Trucking with any questions about serving YOUR INDUSTRY’S special needs.