Wellness Program

At Keller Logistics Group, Inc., we are committed to the health and wellness of all of our employees.  Wellness of all kinds are important, whether it’s physical wellness, financial wellness, or emotional wellness.  Our goal for our employees is to be as helpful and committed to them as they are to us.

For that reason, we have implemented a unique wellness program which is designed to support the main facets of wellness; Prevention, Opportunity, Workout, Epic Eats and Relaxation.  The purpose of this P.O.W.E.R. wellness program is to provide education, motivation and resources to all Keller employees.


Working closely with employees on both an individual and group basis, we are creating healthier, happier employee behaviors, maximizing productivity, and reducing healthcare costs.  Biometric screenings, individual and group challenges, healthy meals, yoga,  monthly employee massage offerings, group and personal trainings, monthly Lunch n’ Learns, a vegetable garden and a 1.1 mile walking track around the Keller headquarters property is all evidence that Keller has the best interest of all their employees and wants them to be the best possible version of themselves.