What We Believe

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

How many times were you asked that as a kid and how many times did it change throughout the years?  At some point however, you come to know what brings you purpose – what is representative of your character and your passions. What you’d be proud to “own” and take a stand for.

Companies mature just like people do and while they mature they begin to build their brand – the way they want to be perceived in the marketplace by prospects, customers, society and their peers. What does the brain experience when it hears your name?

At Keller Logistics Group, we knew from an “early age” that we had a long road to tow in separating ourselves from the ever-lingering tainted reputation of the trucking industry. We were committed to being transparent, honest (even when it hurts), and above all true to our customers, stakeholders and our community. That’s what builds trust in any relationship! Relationships bring rewards of good will, sustainable business and responsible stewardship.

We’re very proud to demonstrate our commitment in these beliefs by sharing our new corporate mantra of the Keller Logistics Group…

Keller Logistics Group along with its affiliates Keller Trucking, Keller Freight Solutions, Keller Warehousing & Distribution and Keller Packaging pledge our Brand Promise…

At Keller we take blue very seriously.

We are “Your True Blue Logistics Crew” and as defined by Webster himself; we will demonstrate allegiance to our valuable customers everyday being steadfast in our commitment to be dependable in both our service and our communications. We are the action behind the adjective and devoted to total customer satisfaction.