Freight Brokerage

Redefining How a Freight Brokerage Should Do Business

For the modern, competitive business, a freight brokerage company should be part of a comprehensive transportation strategy from the start. Keller Freight Solutions acts as a liaison between shippers and carriers to streamline shipments to and from warehouses and manufacturing centers. We have an expansive network of dry van and refrigerated carrier partners and specialized carriers capable of meeting the most highly specialized trailer needs. When you’re in a pinch and need to book a load quickly, freight brokerage is the solution.

redefining how a freight brokerage does business

Our Background

Asset-based trucking isn’t the only way. We know that because we are a freight company whose roots are in asset-based trucking. We believe you can’t know the brokerage business if you haven’t managed a for-hire fleet. With more than three decades in the trucking business, we have amassed invaluable insights to share and for you to benefit from.

Our Philosophy

You’re not just a transaction to us. We develop personal relationships with all our shippers. We get to know the inner workings of your company, the goals of your organization, and the dynamics of your supply chain to offer the most strategic solutions. In essence, Keller Freight Solutions acts as an extension of your logistics department to provide support wherever you need it in your supply chain.

Our Technology

Back when we first started, the industry was much different than it is today. Horror stories of late, damaged or even lost product were surprisingly commonplace. The lack of transparency and control struck fear in the hearts of shippers. Given modern tracking technology and fleet management software, we can do better. The explosive growth of the freight brokerage industry – doubling to $100 billion from 2002-2016 – is a testament to the bottom line results of these integral partnerships.

Our Communication

Obstacles will arise from time to time. But by having a transparent tracking process and open channels of communication, we will mitigate the costs and hassle of any challenge that comes our way. It is our pledge to you that we hold communication as a priority in our working relationship.

Benefits of Working with a Freight Broker Like Keller Freight Solutions

  • Neutrality: We’re not worried about filling our trucks or covering our own fixed costs. We’re concerned with moving our shippers’ goods in the most affordable, efficient way we can.
  • Scalability: Because of our select pool of highly vetted carrier partners, we can accommodate peak and seasonal capacity requirements as your business and shipments fluctuate.
  • Expertise: Freight logistics is our core competency and possess a highly specialized skill set many shippers are not expected to have.

As a proud member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association, we practice the code of ethics established and follow best practice guidelines for the betterment of the industry and its customers.


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