2020 Keller Logistics Summit 

This years’ annual Keller Logistics Summit was chock full of relevant, timely, and forward-thinking topics presented by industry-recognized experts. They didn’t disappoint in fulfilling our ultimate goal of arming our customers with the intel to guide their 2021 supply chain strategies.

“Exceeded my expectations, great info, program was spot on during this time!”

Supply Chain Experts’ Presentations & Videos

Keller Logistics Summit – ECONOMY RELATED CONTENT

Elliot Eisenberg, PhD "The Bowtie Economist"

  • Eliott provides high energy facts and data about the labor environment and insights on where our economy is heading
“I am more prepared on what I need to accomplish the rest of this year so 2021 is a successful one”


Todd Davis, Vice President of Customer Success, FreightWaves

  • Market Analysis of Trucking & Brokerage Segments
  • COVID19 Impacts on Trucking Market
  • How Carriers & Brokers Have Changed Their Models Due to COVID19
  • The Future of Transportation Companies
  • How the Election Will impact the Transportation Market

Jonathan Wolfrum, President of Keller Trucking

  • Dynamic Freight Pricing – How You Can Lower the Cost of Transportation
  • What drives costs for a trucking company and protocols to implement to take the waste out of your transportation spend

Shoaib Makani, Co-founder & CEO - Keep Truckin

  • The Keller & KT Partnership
  • How, together, we optimize visibility & capacity for the shipper

Brent McDade, President, Keller Freight Solutions

  • “Back to Basics” approach for maximizing value when moving freight
“Great content and overall experience! See you next year!”


Evan Armstrong, President - Armstrong & Associates

  • Warehousing, Freight Brokerage, & Ecommerce Trends Plus Last-Mile Delivery | 2020 Keller Logistics

Darryl Logan, President of Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing

  • Warehousing Trends and the Explosion of Automation
“It was quite informative, I walked away with great info!”


Bob Bethel, VP of HR & Learning Services at The Employers' Association together with Jenifer Nicelley, VP of Human Resources at Keller Logistics Group

  • Hiring & Re-hiring in a COVID-19 World
  • Why hiring is so hard when unemployment is at 7.5 – 9.0%
  • The effect of the $600 and $300 unemployment supplement
  • What you should realistically expect to pay for starting wages
  • Current wage information compared to last year
  • Incentives being used to get people to work or back to work
  • When will we get back to “normal”?
“It was beneficial to the planning of our company goals for next year”

Interested In Attending Next Year's Summit?

The 2021 Keller Logistics Summit will be held Wednesday, October 6th.  If you’re looking for a trustworthy dynamic resource to guide you into your 2022 strategic planning – you’ll be a great fit for the Keller Logistics Summit.

Provide us with your contact information and we’ll keep you posted!