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2021 Keller Logistics Summit 

The 2021 Keller Logistics Summit was chock full of relevant, timely, and forward-thinking topics presented by industry-recognized experts. They didn’t disappoint in fulfilling our ultimate goal of arming our customers with the intel to guide their 2022 supply chain strategies.

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Supply Chain Experts’ Presentations & Videos

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Chairman Eric Starks, CEO of FTR; Commercial Vehicle and Economic Expert

A Shifting Environment. How will Transportation Respond?

Understanding how the pandemic has changed the economy and supply chain is key to understanding freight transportation demand. We will look at what has changed and why. Also, as services start to reemerge, will this once again change the underlying demand for goods? This session will explore what is permanent versus temporary shifts in behavior and their impact on the freight transportation marketplace over the new year and beyond.

Rebecca Brewster - President and COO of the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI)

Trucking Toward a New Reality

The pandemic impacted every segment of the American economy, but the trucking industry proved its resiliency and is poised for success as the nation fully reopens. But there are roadblocks along the way – driver shortage, truck parking, infrastructure, and new regulatory requirements – that could impact the industry moving forward. Learn how ATRI’s research is making the road ahead a little easier to navigate. 

Mike Briley – Partner at Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP

Strategies for Shippers in Dealing with Brokers and 3PL’s: Risks and Best Practices

When onboarding a new 3PL to handle your transportation needs, shippers need to understand the best practices associated with bringing on their new logistics partner.  This includes understanding their function and limitations, the shipper liability for motor carrier accidents in brokered shipments, the theory of delegated due diligence, as well as the shipper liability for motor carrier charges when the broker fails to pay the carrier. Additionally, from a damage and loss claim perspective, we will discuss how the shipper’s cargo is protected along with service protection issues. These are the issues that will be discussed along with other risks and best practices that will help your decision-making process when planning your 3PL strategy for 2022.

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Ward Richmond - Executive Vice President and shareholder at Colliers International

US Supply Chain Real Estate Market Overview, Trends, and Strategy

Industrial Real Estate has become the most sought-after asset class in all commercial real estate. As eCommerce and manufacturing demand continue to surge, the US industrial real estate sector has seen record numbers related to Supply, Demand, and Cost in 2022. It is important for shippers and carriers to develop and execute innovative, proactive real estate strategies to perform at the highest level possible amid these never-seen market conditions.

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The 2022 Keller Logistics Summit will be held Wednesday, October 12th.  If you’re looking for a trustworthy dynamic resource to guide you into your 2022 strategic planning – you’ll be a great fit for the next Keller Logistics Summit.

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