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Keller Logistics Group and its affiliates Keller Trucking, Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing, and Keller Freight Solutions take pride in fostering a positive work environment where our employees are empowered and trusted as experts in their field of work. We value transparency and encourage our staff to be their best through our culture of “Responsive, Resourceful, Reliable People in Logistics”.

We value teamwork, collaboration, and respectful interactions with each other. Our people hold themselves accountable for a job well done, with high standards of integrity. We look for ways to continually improve our processes to make us more efficient for ourselves and our clients. Finally, we value safety among all else. Time is money, but life is priceless!



Careers With Keller Logistics Group

We take pride in our people and the way we support them through wellness programs, our philanthropy, Operation K.A.V.I.C., and fundraising events throughout the year. When you work for Keller, expect a company that is as unique as you.

At Keller, we prioritize health and well-being. We work with a free clinic at no cost to our employees, and offer a payroll incentive for completing annual health exams. Our headquarters features an outdoor walking track and an employee-only fitness center. We also support our employees’ interests outside of work by providing financial support to the causes that mean the most to our people and the communities we serve.

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Keller Logistics Group Is An Asset-based Third-party Logistics (3PL) Provider Made of 3 Affiliate Companies

  1. Keller Trucking
  2. Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing
  3. Keller Freight Solutions

Headquartered in Defiance, Ohio, we started as a trucking company, Thomas E. Keller Trucking, in 1978 and have spent the past 4 decades evolving into a full service 3PL. Interested in learning more about Keller’s history? Check out the Company History page.

Below is a list of careers available within our affiliates. Drivers- if you are interested in driving for Keller Trucking, please visit Drive For Keller to learn more and apply. Keller Logistics Group and affiliates are an equal opportunity employer.

Keller Careers

Affiliate Departments


12+Throughout 12+ States

Responsive, Resourceful, and Reliable People in Logistics

Working With Us

As part of the Keller team, you become one of our Responsive, Resourceful, and Reliable People in Logistics. This means that we react quickly and positively to any situation, we find unique solutions to problems, we do what we say, and we go the extra mile as logistics experts.

Our drivers continually vote us as one of the Best Fleets to Drive For, we have been named a Top Company for Women to Work For by Women in Transportation, and we were featured on the television show World’s Greatest…!


Company Culture

We believe each employee’s unique perspective and talents are what allow Keller to get better every day, and each employee’s individual contributions are critical to the success of the business. Our objective is to provide a trusting environment that allows our employees to be authentic, focused, and productive.

We believe each employee’s unique perspective and talents are what allow Keller to get better every day. We attract people that want to achieve more in life. For some, more in life = security. For others more in life = growth. Whatever an employee’s “why” is- they define it, we help them achieve it.

Each employee’s individual contributions are critical to the success of the business. We train well on our standards and practices- the “why we do, what we do,” and from there, our employees make things happen. Leadership at Keller exists to make people more successful, not the other way around. Our objective is to provide a trusting environment that allows our employees to be authentic, focused, and productive.

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*some details may vary by business unit

Our major medical health plan starts paying coinsurance once you reach your annual deductible.

  • Employee only – $26/week | $3,000 deductible
  • Spouse, children, and family coverage levels available
  • Effective on the 31st day of employment
  • Meritain Transparency of Coverage

Our VSP Choice Plus vision insurance includes an annual eye exam with the benefit to purchase contacts or glasses.

  • Employee only – $1.64/week
  • More coverage levels are available
  • Effective on the 31st day of employment

Our DentalGuard PPO includes two preventative visits annually. You pay 50% after deductible for major services and orthodontia.

  • Employee only – $3.00/week
  • More coverage levels are available
  • Effective on the 31st day of employment

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are a great way to save money and budget for qualified medical expenses.

  • It saves you money. HDHPs have lower monthly premiums, meaning less money is being taken out of your paycheck.
  • It is portable. The money in your HSA is carried over from year to year and is yours to keep, even if you leave the company.
  • It is a tax-saver. HSA contributions are made with pre-tax dollars. Since your taxable income is decreased by your contributions, you’ll pay less in taxes.

Employees and their families covered under the health plan have free access to Everside Health for convenient and comprehensive primary care, delivered by experienced healthcare providers. Services include:

  • PREVENTATIVE CARE – annual wellness exams, preventative screens such as hypertension, metabolic health, diabetes, and more.
  • PRIMARY CARE – infections, cold & flu, digestive issues, sprains & strains, rashes and minor procedures such as mole and wart removal, minor wound treatment and stitches and splinting.
  • CONDITION MANAGEMENT – Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, arthritis, coronary heart disease, COPD, sleep apnea, and more!

Save money with:

  • No out-of-pocket costs for medical visits for you and your covered family members
  • No-cost generic drugs when prescribed by the on-site clinician and dispensed at the clinic
  • No charge for commonly ordered labs performed at an Everside Health Center.

Vacation – Paid vacation time is available to eligible employees to provide opportunities for rest, relaxation and personal pursuits.

PTO – Full time employees are eligible for Personal Time Off (PTO) for personal reasons such as doctor’s appointments, personal emergencies, or when employees need to leave early or come in late due to children’s activities or any other event outside of work. PTO is available after 1 year of employment.

Holiday Pay – Holiday pay is granted for full-time employees for New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Employees are eligible for holiday after 90 days.

Your 401k retirement savings plan is one of the best ways to save for retirement. Our company 401k plan is managed by Premier Bank through John Hancock and dedicated wealth management representative is readily available to assist with your retirement planning. All 401k eligible employees will receive a company 401k match equal to 50% of the deferrals into the employees plan up to the first 6% of your eligible. New employees will be eligible for the plan the first pay of the month following their 90-day introductory period.

Life Insurance Keller provides full-time employees with $15,000 in group life and $15,000 in accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance. Additional voluntary term life insurance is available to purchase for yourself, spouse, and dependent children.

Short-term Disability Keller provides full-time employees with short-term disability insurance which pays 66.7% of your weekly salary, to a maximum of $1,000/week, while you are unable to work due to accident or illness.

Employee wellness is a big part of the culture at Keller Logistics Group. As an employee, you’ll have access to our Wellness Coordinator, Renae, who creates individual and group physical challenges as well as offering group and personal training sessions. Recent challenges have improved the wellness of our employees through a focus on weight loss, nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management and much more. Our headquarters in Defiance has an on-site gym with treadmills, elliptical, weight machine and Peloton bike. Employees are also encouraged to use the 1.1 mile track around the complex.

All employees have access to 24/7 counseling through WorkLifeMatters. WorkLifeMatters provides guidance for personal issues that you might be facing and information about other concerns that affect your life, whether it’s a life event or on a day-to-day basis.

  • Unlimited free telephone consultation with an EAP counselor available 24/7
  • Referrals to local counselors – up to three sessions free of charge
  • State-of-the art website featuring over 3,400 helpful articles on topics like wellness, training courses, and legal and financial center.

Virtual doctor visits through Teladoc are available to all employees, regardless of medical plan enrollment.  Teladoc can be a great alternative to visiting your normal doctor or urgent care, when you are suffering from one of many common, non-emergency medical conditions.

With 24/7/365 access to U.S. board-certified doctors, you can access medical care at no cost to you, from home or on the road – and in some cases, doctors can write a prescription to a local pharmacy near you.

Keller will reimburse eligible employees for pre-approved tuition expenses paid to accredited schools, colleges, and universities as set forth in the policy. To be eligible for tuition reimbursement, an employee must:

  • Be a full-time employee
  • Have completed a year of service
  • Be on the payroll when the course is completed

Family defender & CDL defender through U.S. Legal Services is available for interested employees. Family Defender: estate planning, real estate, divorce, child support, traffic violations, criminal law, ID theft and more! CDL Defender provides coverage for your CDL license while on the job or in your personal vehicle and pays 100% of your attorney’s fees for covered services including but not limited to: moving violations, DOT violations, Financial coaching, DOT Inspections and Suspension and Renovation of license.

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