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Contract Packing Solutions

Keller Warehousing and Co-Packing

Contract Packaging Services

Keller Warehousing and Co-Packing offers a wide selection of co-packing and secondary packaging solutions to businesses throughout the Midwest and beyond. Our conveniently located Kentucky and Ohio facilities have all the equipment, personnel, and logistics expertise to meet your company’s unique requirements, allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

Besides offering a full menu of customizable co-packing services, re-packaging, and secondary packaging solutions, we can provide warehouse space featuring state-of-the-art technology, inventory tracking, visibility, and full-truckload transportation services across the central and southeastern U.S. via our affiliate, Keller Trucking.

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Contract packaging is the process that occurs when one business hires another to handle packaging, assembly/kitting, warehousing, and distribution tasks.

As one of the top contract packaging companies operating in the Midwest, Keller Warehousing and Co-Packing offers extensive co-packing capabilities, including shrink wrapping, display building, and sorting, rework, and inspection. We’re also adept at secondary packaging.

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How Does Contract Packaging Enhance Your Operation?

  • No need to invest in equipment, machinery, and packaging materials
  • More flexibility when exploring various packaging options
  • Using the most practical and cost-effective solution for seasonal or short-term packaging situations
  • Ability to assign your workforce to other areas of your operation
  • Allows for optimization of the manufacturing process
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Why Partner With a Co-Packer?

Working with leading co-packing companies like Keller Warehousing and Co-Packing provides access to expertise and resources that increase efficiencies across your operation. As a long-standing and active member of the Contract Packaging Association (CPA), we’re equipped to deliver ongoing, professional support and knowledge that will add value to your packaging operations and your business.


We utilize the most advanced packaging industry equipment to maximize productivity, efficiency, and accuracy, such as:

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full suite of services

Centrally Located Ideal for Distribution

Our facilities are within a day’s transport of more than half the U.S. and Canadian markets.

  • Ohio: Our spacious 150,000-square-foot Northwest Ohio facility performs contract packaging and warehousing services. These facilities are food grade, SQF, USDA, and FDA certified.
  • Kentucky: This food-grade facility is located in Covington, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. This 112,500-square-foot structure can accommodate staging, warehousing, and repacking or distribution of your product.



Have More Questions? Industry FAQs

We’ve brought together the top questions we receive through our “Contact Us” page and our sales & customer services teams. If you have other questions, click the link below to be directed to several ways you can get in touch with us.

Not generally as our customers use custom printed and fitted materials. The materials are shipped to us from their supplier and we stock the materials needed as during production runs.

As a repacker, we receive products from our customers that are in their primary packaging (the packaging that touches the product) and they need us to repack these products into different configurations. So, we can essentially work with any product that is in its primary packaging. Often the products we work with come from (but aren’t limited to) the Food and Beverage, Health & Beauty, and Consumer Products industries.

Currently, our facilities in Napoleon, Ohio, and Covington, Kentucky accommodates the majority of our repack business. However, if presented with the right opportunity, we wouldn’t hesitate to add repacking services at any of our facilities.

We do not provide this service. However, we do work very closely with our customers’ packaging engineers or outsourced design service so that we can optimize the functionality and efficiencies of the equipment the product will run through. You can check out our Performance Guarantee to learn more about our commitment to meeting our customer’s needs.

Keller Warehousing and Co-Packing specializes in secondary packaging and doesn’t offer primary packaging services. You can learn more about our secondary packaging capabilities here.

As an affiliate of Keller Logistics Group, we can help satisfy all of your 3PL needs by connecting you with Trucking, Freight Brokerage, and Warehousing services.

Our Testimonials

Hear from our customers

When Keller contacted us regarding co-packing, we had just started to look for a partner. They have an outstanding facility in Napoleon, OH and met our initial needs and continue to meet our needs on a regular basis. When we need orders moved up for production, they continue to come through. We look forward in continuing to work and grow with Keller Packaging.

Russ Beadle

Co-Manufacturing Manager Nestle Waters

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate y’alls involvement with Office Depot so far. As to my knowledge, y’all are running 100% service with us which is something to be noted.

Michael Bardwell


Keller has always been able to provide a solution to our various transportation needs. They supply us with drop trailers and handle our milk runs, short hauls, regional hauls, long hauls and inter modal. When there is an issue, Keller communicates. When there is a problem, Keller takes care of it.

Matt badenhop

Altenloh, Brinck & Co

We have used Keller for many years to help us with our Warehousing needs. We currently utilize their services in both Texas and Ohio where they have been an instrumental partner in helping JM to achieve success with our Distribution network. They have always been able to come up with significant additional space to fulfil our last-minute requests. We have found Keller to be competitive in the Industry and it is our intent to continue partnering with Keller.

Randy Brooks

Johns Manville

Since my time at Defiance Metal Products, I have worked with several of the entities at Keller Logistics, including Keller Warehouse, Keller Trucking, and Keller Courier and Delivery. I have found them to be responsive to our needs, easy to work with, and dependable in every aspect of their organization.

Bill Lammers

Plants Manager Defiance Metal Products

Well WE did it! ALL the Menards loads were shipped on time. We couldn’t have done this without you. Much thanks to you, your drivers and everyone at Keller for a Great Job. It’s always a pleasure working with you. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any potential business you may have. Again – I very much appreciate it.

Virgil Heckman

Decorative Panel International Toledo, OH
Warehouse and trucks in rural area from sky view

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