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Dry Van Trailer Freight Brokerage Services


Offering Significant Cost-Reduction Opportunities!

Dry van trailers offer a simple, cost-effective solution for shipping your company’s non-temperature-sensitive goods.

These enclosed boxes can accommodate almost any kind of freight and get it to its destination safely. Keller Freight Solutions is a full-service freight brokerage company you can trust for your dry van cargo transportation needs. Our innovative services offer reliability and significant cost-reduction opportunities.

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About Our Dry Van Freight Transportation Services

Keller Freight Solutions offers access to a network of more than 3,000 reputable, fully vetted carriers. This extensive dry van fleet can ship loads up to 45,000 pounds across the U.S. quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Dry van trucks and trailers can handle a wide range of goods:

  • Retail products
  • Construction equipment and machinery
  • Automotive parts and components
  • Publishing and printing materials
  • Paper products
  • All types of packaged items
  • Agriculture supplies

Our dry van services are available whether you’re shipping goods to the next county, across the country or anything in between:

  • Short haul: These services typically feature trucking lanes of 250 miles or less. We can help manage the higher per-mile costs that often occur with shorter trips.
  • Regional: Count on us to find the most practical and cost-effective freight brokerage solution when shipping goods under 500 miles.
  • Long haul: Our coast-to-coast dry freight trailer services can provide affordable results and on-time deliveries for these long-distance trips.

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Our Comprehensive Vetting Process Ensures The Best Quality

At Keller Freight Solutions, we understand that you trust us to find a high-quality, reliable carrier to transport your goods. We scrutinize every hauler in our network to ensure they meet our (and your) lofty standards while keeping your business’s best interests in mind.

We carefully examine all the areas that impact a trucking company’s performance and dependability. We’ll assess the business’s familiarity with hauling the types of cargo you ship and the associated damage history. We’ll also verify their record for making on-time deliveries. Another area we focus on is safety pertaining to accident history, driver training, and equipment condition.

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Our Capabilities

Keller Freight Solutions offers much more than a typical freight broker. Our commitment to delivering superior service sets us apart from our competitors.

Our direct freight services give you more insight into your supply chain and ensure you’re prepared for any logistical challenge. We can also remove much of the transportation management burden from your shoulders, enabling you to focus on other areas of your operations.

You’ll benefit from our array of shipment tendering solutions that allow you to source more competitive bids for dry van freight services. Carrier safety management is always a top priority to help prevent mishaps contributing to damaged goods and shipping delays.

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Explore Our Dry Freight Trailer Solutions Today

Let the freight brokerage experts at Keller Freight Solutions serve your business’s transportation needs, whether you’re shipping to a neighboring state or across the country. Call us at 419-780-3767, to learn more about our dry van trailer services today. You can also request a quote by returning our online contact form.