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Conestoga Carrier Freight Brokerage Services

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Never Worry About Logistics Again!

Conestoga trailers provide heightened security and versatile loading and unloading options. Keller Freight Solutions offers reliable, cost-effective Conestoga carrier freight brokerage services that add value to many specialized shipping applications. We’re a full-service transportation solutions provider that can help you overcome your most daunting logistical challenges and reduce operating costs.

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Multiple Conestoga Carrier Options

Conestoga trailers, also known as curtain side trailers due to the retractable tarping system spanning the length of the deck for concealing cargo, offer flexibility for top and side loading. This curtain also protects the goods from weather exposure and road debris.

With our access to a network of over 3,000 carriers, we can connect your business with numerous reputable haulers offering several Conestoga trailer options:

  • Flatbed Conestoga trailer: A covered flatbed trailer features flexible sides and ends to accommodate shifting loads. It’s an excellent choice when shipping large, open-deck commodities.
  • Step-deck Conestoga trailer: This equipment provides more height capacity than the Conestoga flatbed trailers, making it suitable for CNC machinery, robotics, and other similarly sized objects.
  • Double-drop Conestoga trailer: Consider these trailers for transporting shorter, lighter items requiring easier loading and unloading via the tarping system.

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When you choose Keller Freight Solutions as your freight broker, you’ll partner with a company that keeps your business’s best interests at the forefront. The transportation companies we rely on to haul our customers’ valuable cargo must meet stringent standards for quality, reliability, affordability, and safety.

Our extensive carrier vetting process focuses on these and other vital areas:

  • Experience: Any Conestoga carrier we select must have a successful track record of hauling the type of cargo your business manages.
  • On-time deliveries: The shipper must demonstrate the ability to adhere to tight delivery schedules.
  • Adequate insurance coverage: All reputable carriers can furnish certificates verifying they have valid cargo insurance protection.
  • Safety: We delve into safety records to ensure the company has an acceptable accident history and provides sufficient driver training.
  • Authorization: We’ll verify that the carrier has obtained authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to serve as a Motor Carrier of Property.
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About Our Capabilities

At Keller Freight Solutions, we go above and beyond what our competitors offer to ensure the best service to our valued customers. Our specialized freight capabilities include direct freight services to enhance your supply chain’s efficiency and targeted transportation management solutions to lighten the load on your team.

We can optimize the quote sourcing process by coordinating and conducting custom bid events where carriers vie for your business. We’re also committed to carrier safety management — we want to avoid accidents to ensure your shipments arrive at your customers’ docks in the same condition as when they left your facility.

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Make Us Your Conestoga Semi-Trailer Freight Broker

If Conestoga carriers provide the best solution for shipping your goods, premium freight brokerage services from Keller Freight Solutions can deliver the most effective and affordable outcomes. Take the next step and call us at 419-780-3767, to discuss your requirements today. You can also request a quote online.