Press Releases

Army PaYS Program

Keller Logistics Group Joins Partnership for Youth Success Program The program assists with U.S. Army Recruiting Efforts Defiance, OH: March 20, 2019, Keller Logistics Group became part of the Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS)...

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Everhart Acquisition

Defiance, OH: Keller Trucking, an affiliate of Keller Logistics Group has merged with Everhart Trucking LLC, bringing the total fleet to 200 tractors and 550 trailers. Keller Trucking Expands Fleet Announces Merger With Everhart Trucking LLC of Ada, OH Keller...

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HydroFresh HPP

Delphos, OH – Hydrofresh HPP, an affiliate of Keller Logistics Group, is constructing a $10 million pasteurization plant at 1571 Gressel Drive in Delphos that uses innovative high-pressure processing (HPP) technology. Unlike traditional pasteurization method which...

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