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Keller Logistics Group and affiliates takes all employees’ health and wellness very seriously, whether it’s physical wellness, financial wellness, or emotional wellness. We are committed to supporting each aspect of wellness for our employees by implementing unique programs and opportunities.

From offering standing desks in office cubicles to organizing after work sports, we encourage our employees to be the healthiest they can be.

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Activate Health & Wellness Center

In October 2014, Keller opened Activate Health & Wellness Center as part of their employee wellness program. This clinic is available to all of our employees and offers a broad scope of primary care services, comprehensive annual physicals and health coaching at no cost to the participant. It also offers select labs at no cost and high quality generic drugs at no cost when prescribed by a clinic provider.

We pay each participant and covered spouse incentive dollars for completing an annual physical, achieving individually tailored goals and action plans and using Activate Healthcare referrals. The clinic is staffed by experienced primary care physicians and advanced practice providers and leverages leading-edge technology. This program is designed to help each person to be healthier and spend less money on health care.

Megan DeGroff

Megan DeGroff

Health & Wellness Specialist

Megan DeGroff is a Certified Exercise Physiologist from the American College of Sports Medicine and Group Fitness Instructor with a bachelors degree in Exercise Science. Since graduating from Baldwin Wallace University, Megan’s career has focused exclusively on employee wellness because she feels that such programs can help working adults to improve their overall health and well-being both inside and outside of work.

She is a firm believer that exercise and a healthy diet is the best medicine for the body and mind. Her mission is to educate, support, and empower everyone she works with to create a healthy lifestyle and is committed to help people realize their potential and give them the knowledge, skills, and tools to succeed.

Onsite Health & Wellness Specialist

Our Health & Wellness Specialist works closely with employees both on an individual and group basis, creating healthier, happier employees while maximizing productivity and reducing healthcare costs.

Megan creates individual and group physical challenges as well as offering group and personal training sessions. Many of these challenges incorporate a Fitbit, a fitness tracking tool. The challenges are designed to help employees recognize and improve various health & wellness areas in their life such as weight loss, nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management, and much more.

Our weekly Fresh Food Friday allows employees the option to purchase a healthy lunch for one dollar. Employees are also encouraged to use the on-site workout room and 1.1 mile walking track circling the Keller Logistics Group headquarter’s property.

Woman sitting across from counselor while he is taking notes

Work Life Matters

Keller Logistics Group’s employee wellness program encompases more than physical wellness. WorkLifeMatters provides guidance for personal issues our employees may be facing. Unlimited free telephone conversations with Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselors are available 24/7. EAP also offers referrals to us for three sessions per year with a local counselor for free.

WorkLifeMatters offers help with basic tax planning, debt conseling, home buying, and more. There is also help available with education such as college planning and financial aid resources.

Lifestyle and fitness management covers anxiety and depression, divorce, and substance abuse issues.

A healthy mind is all about work and life balance!

Employee Wellness Program

Fitness room at Keller Logistics Group with treadmills, elliptical and weight machine

Fitness Room

The fitness room at Keller Logistics Group’s headquarters has three treadmills, an elliptical, a peloton bike, and free weights available to all employees to use throughout the day.

A water bottle, orange 8 pound weights, a towel and an orange cone on the 1.1 mile track at Keller Logistics Group as part of the employee wellness program

1.1 Mile Track

The 1.1 mile track around the perimerter of our property enables employees to take a walk or jog on their lunch break, or take a 10 minute mental break throughout their work day.

Fresh carrots, onion, and celery on a counter


For employees at the Defiance, Ohio locations, we provide a fresh healthy meal made by our Health & Wellness Specialist on Fridays for $1.

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