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Freight Brokerage Capabilities

When a dry van trailer just won’t cut it – we have the alternatives you need


Sometimes, a dry van trailer is not the right transportation equipment for the job. As an innovative shipping broker that focuses on helping our customers overcome their most daunting logistics challenges, Keller Freight Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of high-quality freight services that can provide more practical and cost-effective alternatives.

Truck Trailers For Your More Specialized Freight

Our advanced freight service capabilities stem from our ability to offer an assortment of standard truckload freight services and multiple modes of specialized trailers. Our extensive network consists of more than 3,000 carriers, enabling us to serve the shipping and transportation needs of companies across the U.S. There’s virtually no limit to the freight brokerage solutions we can provide to our customer base.

Maintaining a high level of service is a top priority at Keller Freight Solutions. We thoroughly vet every carrier to ensure their reliability, responsiveness, and safety. They must also have experience and expertise in our customers’ industry and share our “no excuses” mindset.

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We’ll tap into our expertise to select the most appropriate trailer type for your needs. We’ve learned from experience that no “one-size-fits-all” hauling solution applies to every shipping situation. Our access to a wide range of trailers enables us to meet any transportation requirement. Available options include:

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Freight Solutions Capabilities

Examples of our numerous freight service capabilities include

  • Direct freight services: We can supply the fleet, drivers, technology, and oversight to ensure your supply chain operates as smoothly, efficiently, and affordably as possible. We’ll make sure you’re ready for any logistical challenge.
  • Transportation management: We’ll pair you with a dedicated Logistics Coordinator who understands your industry and what it takes to manage your day-to-day operations, freeing up your time and energy for more productive tasks.
  • Bid event facilitation: Our shipment tendering capabilities include conducting custom bid events and sourcing competitive quotes. We’ll keep your business’s best interests at the forefront throughout this process.
  • Carrier safety management: Our detailed vetting process includes rigorous oversight of all carriers to ensure they meet our (and your) high safety standards. Our unwavering commitment to safe driving and advanced training courses have helped Keller Freight Solutions earn numerous industry awards over the years.

More Than Just a Freight Shipping Broker

Our services extend beyond acting as a freight middleman. Our decades of experience enable us to provide custom supply chain and logistics solutions that add more value to your business.

We can apply industry best practices, training, and process improvements to the various aspects of your operation. We’ll help you improve performance and boost your company’s bottom line.

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Learn More About Our Freight Services Capabilities

Discover what separates Keller Freight Solutions from other freight brokerage companies. It all starts with a conversation — take the next step and contact us for more information about our extensive service capabilities today. We can also provide a no-obligation quote.