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Keller Trucking Fleet Assets

Our standards are high – yours should be too

State-of-the-art technology, eco-conscious features, fully compliant equipment

Though our drivers are our greatest asset, our state-of-the-art trucking equipment is world class.

We proudly invest in equipment that will benefit our customers, our drivers, and the environment. Keller Trucking will never leave you in the lurch, wondering how you’ll make on-time shipments with unexpected breakdowns. We offer a wide variety of trucking equipment and new technologies to develop customized solutions for our clients that exceed their expectations. Contact us today to find out how Keller Trucking’s equipment could benefit you and your business.

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New Trucking Equipment

One of the main reasons drivers love working for Keller Trucking is that our tractors, on average, are less than 30 months old. “The reason I stay at Keller Trucking is the great pay and benefits, great maintenance program, new equipment, and they treat their drivers with respect,” says driver Eric Frost. Driver Cary Fugitt adds: “I get great miles, good pay, safety bonuses, and fuel incentives. The equipment is top notch.” And according to driver Shane Holmes, “Maintenance issues are taken care of right away to keep me moving and making money.”

Keller Trucking employs SquareRigger preventative maintenance software to ensure that our customers’ valued freight and our driving pros reach their destination safely and on schedule.

Advanced Technology

Trucking technology helps us work smarter, not harder, and assures trucking industry compliance. Trucking technology helps us work smarter, not harder, and assures trucking industry compliance. In addition to offering modern, well-maintained tractors and trailers with core efficiencies built in, we have also installed Samsara ELD’s and SkyBitz satellite tracking systems, so we know where your freight is at all times. When combined with our use of Samsara cameras equipped with Artificial Intelligence capabilities and Cetaris Fleet Maintenance Management software, our equipment is second-to-none on the road when it comes to safety, security and maintenance.

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Keller Trucking operates over 300 tractors and 1,000 trailers and offers, as an extension of our asset fleet, a select group of highly vetted partner carriers through our affiliate Keller Freight Solutions. We hold them to the same industry standards as we do our own fleet. We have a heavy haul freight program, as well as spotting and shuttle services. During trying times when accessing capacity can be a major challenge, consider Keller Trucking and Keller Freight Solutions, our freight brokerage affiliate to become part of your transportation strategy.

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Eco Friendly Trucking

We work hard to reduce our carbon footprint in other ways as well. We’re a Registered SmartWay Carrier Partner with the Environmental Protection Agency, demonstrating our commitment to increase efficiency and fuel economy. Keller Trucking has been recognized as an EPA SmartWay High Performer across all five performance metrics of CO2, NOx, PM, grams per mile and grams per ton-mile. Just over two percent of all SmartWay carriers operate fleets so cleanly and efficiently that they make the SmartWay High Performer list for all metrics. Click here to read more about our SmartWay High Performer rating.

Our newest tractor, the Freightliner Cascadia, is lightweight, provides cleaner emissions and greater fuel economy, which helps preserve the environment. The lightweight Cascadia, when combined with our specially designed lightweight and durable trailers, allows us to offer capacity up to 52,000 pounds per load through our Heavy Haul Freight Program.

We use Auxiliary Power Units and driver incentive programs to reduce idle time. Fuel efficiency is increased using super single tires and aerodynamic side skirts. The Cummins engines burn clean and our trucks are governed at 65 mph to reduce emissions. We recycle old oil and tires as part of our commitment to a cleaner, better planet.

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