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Shuttle & Spotting Services

Keller Shuttle and Spotting Services

Tools of the trade – Essential to efficient yard and warehouse management

Spotting and shuttle services are essential to inventory optimization and warehouse efficiency. There are many moving parts in the average yard, as loads arrive, get unloaded, and trailers park for later use.

Without the right strategy and partner, the yard could become a bottleneck in your day-to-day operations, not to mention a waste of time and money. Our shuttle and spotting services are an opportunity to see improvement and greater efficiency.

At Keller Trucking, we maximize the flow of inventory entering and leaving your facility with a winning combination of experienced drivers, logistics personnel, and the latest yard management software. We’re not like other 3PL providers. Our award-winning, family-owned-and-operated company combines 40+ years of logistics experience with the speed-to-market expected in today’s business environment.

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Trailer Spotting Services

Keller Trucking spotting services are optimized for individual clients, but generally include dedicated drivers, specialized equipment, and oversight. We provide real-time information and intelligent work direction while giving you complete visibility of trucks, trailers, drivers, goods, and materials – from the moment they arrive at the gate to the moment they leave your facility.

With a graphical interface, you can easily manage transactions using drag-and-drop functionality. See on-screen trailer moves converted into directed work orders for yard drivers. Easy-to-read symbols display key information such as trailer type, status, disposition, ownership, as well as which trailers are damaged or out of service, and fuel remaining in refrigerated vehicles.



With Keller Trucking Spot, you will also be able to track the location of trailers and other equipment, no matter where it ends up in the yard with RFID-based, real-time location tracking. This ensures security and streamlines workflows by providing you with the actual position of equipment in the yard, thus eliminating time-consuming searches for misplaced trailers.

Additionally, dynamic appointment scheduling capabilities will streamline dock assignments, helping to ensure you don’t double-book docks, even if circumstances change at the last minute.

Even with the best technology, a yard cannot manage itself. But with our wealth of insightful data and reporting capabilities that surpass other trailer spotting companies, Keller Trucking Spot gives you the capability to make better inventory decisions and even manage several yards at once, whether they are in one location or spread out across the country.

Our expert team acts as an extension of your internal resources. On-site trailer spotters organize how trailers are arranged and move throughout the yard. Meanwhile, outside spotters prepare dock doors and trailers for optimal loading, while insider spotters secure the docks with the right safety protocols and appropriate equipment. When combined with shuttling, shippers can move trailers to and from dock doors and other facilities to assist inventory flow. This organized coordination from a 3PL helps facilitate the flow of inventory from one dock to another.

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Benefits Of Our Trailer Spotting Services

The features and benefits of our trucking spotting services include:

  • Graphical interface: Our yard management systems enable your team to interact with electronic devices and attain a more accurate snapshot of your yard’s contents. Use this information to maximize operational efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  • Location tracking: Determine the precise location of every truck and trailer in your fleet. You’ll avoid wasting time and effort searching for specific pieces of equipment.
  • Real-time visibility: Gain more insight into cross-docking opportunities and other essential information to help you make better management decisions. You’ll also have more success when managing multiple yards.
  • Inventory accuracy: Minimize the risk of shrinkage, spoilage, and other damage to goods that causes customer dissatisfaction. You’ll be able to improve order fulfillment accuracy and reduce out-of-stock situations.

Shuttle Services

Get streamlined shuttle services that provide you with local drivers and equipment right when you need them, whether it’s repeat freight that needs to pass between warehouse facilities or fill-in service when employees are on vacation. Ship perishables promptly to ensure freshness, scale your operations to a broader market without supply chain delays, lower overall transportation costs, and take advantage of on-demand contract packaging when necessary with Keller Trucking shuttle services.

We’ve shuttled for a host of different industries, including food and beverage, medical supplies, building supplies, scrap metal, consumer products, and high-value commodities. We track movements, operating metrics, and site utilization to come up with custom solutions. We think outside the box to find innovative ways to manage your inventory and maximize resources in the most efficient way possible.

Partner With a Dedicated Shuttle Trailer Team

You’ll work with an experienced trailer team who understands your business and its unique transportation needs. We deliver superior quality and service — Carriers Edge and TCA continually name Keller Trucking one of the “Best Fleets To Drive For”. Responsive account managers will be available as needed to keep you updated with what’s happening in your yard and provide additional support during peaks.

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Learn More About Streamlining The Back-End Of Your Business

Keller Trucking is one integral part of Keller Logistics Group’s comprehensive 3PL solutions. Collectively, we possess the unique opportunity to go above and beyond the usual call of duty to offer our partners everything from warehousing and transportation support to contract packaging and yard management support all under one umbrella.

The benefit is significant savings to your bottom line, not to mention a much more streamlined operation with one friendly contact within our organization who is considered a true expert within your particular industry. As order volumes increase, there is nothing like a trusted, experienced logistics partner with integrated solutions to provide the resources, knowledge, data, and personnel necessary to accommodate scaling your operation.

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Get Started With Our Shuttle And Spotting Services

Let the professionals at Keller Trucking help your business optimize your yard management systems. Call us at 419-780-3767, option three, for more information about our shuttle and spotting services today. You can also contact us here to request an online quote.