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Solar Energy

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For Solar Energy Companies

Solar panels represent the future of energy creation, and extreme care is required to ensure they arrive to the end user in excellent working order.

Keller Logistics Group is a family-owned 3PL committed to helping solar and renewable energy organizations acquire high-quality transportation, warehousing, contract packing, and distribution services to decrease costs and simplify the supply chain.

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Solutions That Scale

Keep your renewable energy products organized and protected with our full suite of flexible logistics services.

Keller Logistics Group’s

Solar Energy Logistics Solutions

Keller Logistics Group has operated as a third-party logistics partner for businesses within various industries for over 40 years. With this extensive experience and assistance from our cutting-edge affiliates, we’re proud to offer dependable services, such as:

How We Scale Solar Energy Logistics Operations

Working with our affiliates, we strive to cover all your logistics needs with cost-effective solutions that allow you to:

Centralize your partnerships to reduce expenses and increase your profit margins while securing necessary capabilities.

Our professionals leverage real-world experience to support your supply chain and address business-specific challenges to give you a competitive advantage.

We’ve equipped our facilities with state-of-the-art tools and devices, including RF scanners and warehouse management platforms, to collect real-time data and optimize order fulfillment procedures.

We have the necessary experience to handle solar components carefully. Utilize our spotting and shuttle services, or enter a dedicated contact carriage agreement with us to make sure your fragile freight is handled by experts.

Featured Solar Energy Logistics Resources

See the value our 3PL company can have on your solar energy supply chain with these resources:

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Keller Logistics Group and its affiliates have your best interests at heart. We are committed to our purpose-driven mission of creating beneficial working environments for our people — who, in turn, supply our customers with a high standard of personalized service. We strive to help solar businesses achieve their long-term goals through our customer-based solutions.

Want to learn more about how our solar panel warehousing, trucking, and co-packing services can strengthen your operations? Contact us  to speak with a team member today!