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Dedicated Contract Carriage

Keller Dedicated Contract Carriers

Never Worry About Capacity

When you partner with Keller Trucking as your dedicated contract carrier, we hire drivers and maintain the vehicle fleet while you track pickups and deliveries using our advanced tracking system.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With a Dedicated Contract Carrier?

A turnkey transportation solution is a strategic way to optimize your operations and save money. On average, our partners see a 40% reduced driver turnover, 11% improved billing ratio, 8% empty mile reduction, and 5.6% increase in revenue per mile upon outsourcing their dedicated contract carriage to Keller Trucking. It’s not uncommon for partners to save 4 to 20% on spot market rates when they tap our 40+ years of expertise in logistics.

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Who Should Consider A Dedicated Contract Carrier Arrangement?

Our dedicated contract carriage services give shippers the capacity they need when they need it, which is great for fast-growing companies and those with dramatic increases in business at certain times of the year. Locking in rates with a dedicated carrier protects businesses from pricing spikes in the spot market, the impact of adverse weather, and seasonal capacity constraints.

Our Dedicated Transportation Services division has the perfect solution if:

  • you have difficult, driver-assisted lanes that traditional carriers won’t handle
  • you have unique needs
  • you have ever thought- “this would be easier if I had my own trucks”
  • you are having labor issues, or issues with consistency and service
  • you would like to have your own “private fleet” 
  • you are a high-volume manufacturer – manufacturing at a rate beyond what you ship 
  • you want to work with a transparent partner that does what they say they are going to do, has very little red tape to deal with, and works as a unified team toward a common goal

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Considering a Dedicated Contract Carrier?

As Your Dedicated Contract Carrier, Keller Trucking Can:

  • Reduce your overhead expenses with fewer trucks maintained and drivers hired in-house
  • Improve transparency using the latest technology to monitor and track your freight
  • Boost competitiveness by locking in a rate that drives down operating cost fluctuations
  • Surpass your safety goals using cutting-edge transportation technology and driver rewards programs
  • Optimize your routes, dispatching, regulatory compliance, loading, yard operations, and productivity
  • Help you overcome logistical challenges, identify backhaul opportunities, and increase capacity as needed
  • Lower your environmental impact with better fuel efficiency, load optimization, and newer equipment
  • Combine our trucking assets with Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing services for a single-source closed-loop logistics strategy

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How You Benefit From Our Dedicated Services: 

  • If you have a difficult load traditional carriers struggle to cover- we will take the time to learn the nuances 
  • We handle the liability
  • We provide an asset-based private fleet for your use
  • We have support mechanisms in place including fuel reports and safety compliance
  • We keep trailers moving to keep your docks open
  • We can help you meet your sustainability goals

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Best Freight Scenarios for Dedicated Contract Carriage

  • Consistent volume – with predictable loads from week to week, or seasonal spikes
  • A closed-loop scenario – moving back and forth between Point A and Point B, such as from plant to warehouse
  • Short haul – lanes of 250 miles or less, requiring optimized use of trucks and regulated drivers
  • Spotting or shuttling needs – adding drop and hook scenarios to your yard to decrease congestion for drivers

Our Dedicated Process and Solutions

To build a strong partnership and ensure transparent communication, we follow a thorough start up process which includes:

  • Verify start up times
  • Onsite visits to establish communication with key contacts on both sides 
  • Gain an understanding of the operations, lead times, customer needs, etc. so we are aware of critical needs and production cycles. Also, what must we make sure does NOT happen? – Things that could cause a plant shutdown, etc.
  • Establish KOI’s – what metrics are important to you, reporting needs, etc. 
  • Define shuttle best practices per location 
  • How will drivers communicate with personnel?  Will they receive instruction from you and how?
  • Establish site specific procedures and PPE needs so any driver arriving to fill in or supplement is already aware of proper procedures
  • Establish time reporting systems (Driver logs, sign in sheets, etc.)
  • Verify:
    • Billing method
    • Invoice format 
    • Payment method 
    • Terms
    • Paperwork required with invoices
    • Invoicing requirements / Format approval
    • Determine AP contact at customer
    • In the event of a payment issue, who should we go to?
    • Does the customer want an account statement?  Weekly, Monthly?
  • What is the preferred cadence for Keller touchpoints
    • Calls – Weekly / Monthly
    • Visits – Quarterly
  • Determine equipment parking and placement
  • Exchange Keller contacts 
  • Set any follow-up items

Consider Keller Trucking As Your Dedicated Contract Carriage Company

Optimize your transportation and shipping strategy by choosing Keller Trucking as your dedicated contract carrier. Let us supply you with exclusively allocated trucks and drivers, and you’ll never have to worry about market inconsistencies, truckload timing, or the competition for truckload capacity freight.

Our core fleet consists of 300 tractors and 1000 trailers. On average, our well-maintained trucks are less than 30 months old. We equip our trucks with the latest technology to track driver performance, schedule on-time deliveries, keep the lines of communication open, and watch over freight every step of the way.

Creating and sustaining strong, positive customer relationships is at the core of Keller Trucking. We pride ourselves on acting as a strong strategic partner to every customer we work with, no matter how big or small. You’ll notice the difference in responsiveness and a can-do attitude in partnering with our family-owned-and-operated business.

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