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Flatbed Trailer Freight Brokerage Services

Keller Flatbed Freight Shipping

Your Solution to Heavy and Bulky Loads!

Do you need to transport heavy, bulky loads safely and on time?

A flatbed truck or trailer can be the best solution for the task. These versatile, open-deck hauling mechanisms are perfect for carrying oversized equipment and other objects that are too large for a dry van trailer.

Keller Freight Solutions is an experienced freight brokerage firm that offers high-quality nationwide flatbed trucking services. We’re an affiliate of Keller Logistics Group, a leading third-party logistics company with over 40 years of trucking industry expertise.

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About Our Flatbed Hauling Services

Keller Freight Solutions has developed long-term partnerships with more than 3,000 reputable freight carriers, enabling us to find the best option for your business. We can provide a safe, reliable solution for all the typical flatbed trailer uses:

  • Transporting building materials like bricks, lumber, and steel
  • Hauling backhoe loaders, excavators, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment
  • Carrying baled tires
  • Removing scrap when cleaning up job sites
  • Transporting trees from forestry or landscaping sites
  • Moving agriculture equipment over rural roads and highways

No matter what you’re transporting, we’ll keep your company’s needs in mind. Our ability to provide custom freight brokering solutions presents unlimited possibilities for your business.

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We Eliminate The Guesswork

We understand that the decision to allow a third party to haul your valuable cargo can be difficult. As one of the more transparent and trustworthy flatbed freight companies, Keller Freight Solutions enables you to outsource your transportation functions with confidence.

Our thorough vetting process ensures the carrier that moves your freight is a reputable company with an excellent track record. We carefully review its performance in all the essential areas. We’ll verify that it has experience hauling your type of cargo and getting it there on time. We’ll also confirm that the business meets all licensing, insurance and certification requirements.

The carriers we work with also provide maximum flexibility and versatility in crucial aspects like lane coverage, on-demand availability, and equipment types. Safety is another primary focus area — we only partner with carriers that can demonstrate a commitment to driver training and adhere to all applicable safety regulations.

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Our Transportation And Logistics Capabilities

Our robust capabilities set us apart from other flatbed trucking companies:

  • Managed transportation: This comprehensive program gives you access to our extensive logistics and transportation expertise to assist with planning, organizing, scheduling, and monitoring your shipments, removing the burden from your shoulders.
  • Bid event facilitation: We’ll help keep your costs low by overseeing custom bid events to secure more competitive carrier quotes.
  • Targeted freight services: We’ll provide everything your company needs to optimize your supply chain’s performance and ensure you’re prepared for any transportation or logistical challenge.
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Learn more about what makes Keller Freight Solutions the best choice for flatbed hauling and logistics. Call us today at 419-780-3767, option 3, to discuss custom transportation strategies with our expert team. You can also request a quote by returning our online contact form.