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Ohio Warehousing Services

Ohio Warehousing

Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing is headquartered in Defiance, Ohio with up to 515,000 square feet of space with four adjacent warehouses. These food-grade facilities meet the highest standards of sanitation with SQF, FDA, and USDA certification to assure proper handling of food products from receipt to shipment. State Route 24 is less than three miles away to haul goods and materials anywhere between Minturn, Colorado, and Independence Township, Michigan.

Ohio Locations:

  • Defiance (Toledo/Fort Wayne, IN)
  • Napoleon (Toledo)


Warehouse Facility Features

24862 Elliott Road
Defiance, OH 43512

For Lease/Quote Information Call: 419.780.3741, option 3
For Shipping/Receiving Call: 419.785.3202, ext. 340

  • Closest Metro: Toledo, OH & Fort Wayne, IN
  • Number of Buildings: 4
  • Total Space: 415,000 sq. ft.
  • Clear Heights: 30′ – 40′
  • Number of Dock Levelers: 32
  • Number of Dock Doors: 32
  • Dock Door Size: 9′ x 10′
  • Number of Grade Level Doors: 4
  • Food Grade: Yes
  • Temperature Control: Protect from Freeze
  • Sprinkler: Yes/ESFR
  • Security: Gated, camera on gate, key fob access
  • Rail Served: No
  • Outside Storage: No
  • Skylights: No
  • Bay Size: 50′ x 50′
  • Technology: Highjump WMS, RF Scanning, EDI, 24/7 Internet Inventory Access
  • Highway Access: St. Rt. 24

Why Choose Warehousing in Defiance, Ohio?

Defiance is ranked #8 in the Top 100 Micropolitan Areas in the US by Site Selection magazine. Defiance is a regional hub between Toledo, Ohio, and Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is located at the intersection of US 24 and SR 66, SR 281, and SR 15. It is 30 minutes to I-75 at Toledo or I-69 at Fort Wayne. The Ohio Turnpike (I-80/90) is 25 minutes away.

Dedicated Warehousing in Ohio

We offer dedicated warehousing in Ohio to serve the needs of many of our clients. Dedicated warehouse space can make sense if you have an abundance of goods or items you don’t want to co-mingle with other products.

When you choose dedicated warehousing in Ohio, you will incur all the costs of managing and operating the facility. These expenses include shipping and receiving, equipment, labor, utilities, and technology. Many companies, especially larger entities, prefer this option because it provides more freedom and the certainty of fixed costs each month. You’ll also have more flexibility to establish a customized supply chain that serves your business’s unique distribution needs.

Find Your Dedicated Warehousing Solution in Defiance, Ohio

Warehouse and trucks in rural area from sky view

Where To Next?

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When your work with an affiliate of Keller Logistics Group, we’ll ensure all of your complete logistics needs are met. Whether you’re scaling your operations into a new market or repackaging products for the holidays, Keller Logistics Group will be your full solutions 3PL partner. Speak to a representative or contact us to get started!

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Warehouse Facility Features

P314 County Road 12
Napoleon, Ohio

For Lease/Quote Information Call: 419.780.3741, option 3
For Shipping/Receiving Call: 419.592.2236

  • Closest Metro: Toledo, OH
  • Number of Buildings: 1
  • Total Space: 195,000 sq. ft.
  • Clear Heights: 40′
  • Number of Dock Levelers: 12
  • Number of Dock Doors: 12
  • Dock Door Size: 14′ x 16′
  • Number of Grade Level Doors: 2
  • Food Grade: Yes
  • Temperature Control: Protect from Freeze
  • Sprinkler: Yes/ESFR
  • Security: Fenced and Gated
  • Rail Served: No
  • Outside Storage: Yes
  • Skylights: No
  • Bay Size: 50′ x 50′
  • Technology: 3PLink WMS, RF scanning, EDI, 24/7 internet inventory access
  • Highway Access: Ohio St. Rt. 110, Ohio St. Rt. 6

Other Available Warehouses in Ohio

We also offer warehouse space in Napoleon, Ohio. The location serves as the central hub for Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing. When you consider that approximately 20% of the nation’s manufacturing occurs in the Great Lakes region, it’s easy to understand why this facility can provide a convenient, accessible warehousing and contract packaging solution for many businesses.

Our expansive Napoleon facility has two buildings offering a combined 595,000 square feet. Due to its temperature control functionality, it can also meet the needs of businesses with food-grade storage requirements. Building #1 features 12 insulated steel dock doors, while Building #2 contains 27 doors. Both structures include parking for 100 trailers.

You’ll find our Napoleon warehouses at P314 County Road 12, less than 3 miles from State Route 24. They provide immediate access to State Routes 6, 108, and 109.


Examples of our turnkey warehousing services in Ohio include:

  • Contract packaging: Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing specializes in secondary packaging. We’ll work with you to handle your club packs, multi-packs, and even retail-ready displays to get your products to market without delays.
  • Cross dock: By using our cross-docking services, sellers are able to ship goods directly to the customer in a timely manner, eliminating the need to pay the overhead costs of storing products in warehouses for periods of time along their route.
  • Quality inspections: We have the ability to conduct audits of your warehoused goods to ensure they meet your quality standards and satisfy your customers.
  • Labeling: We’ll ensure your goods receive the proper labels to optimize shipping and handling accuracy.

Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing can also provide shared warehousing services in Ohio. As the name implies, this service allows several companies to share a warehouse facility and its resources, including labor, equipment, and other distribution necessities. This arrangement spreads the costs across multiple clients. Expenses can vary based on factors like volume and activity levels.

Warehouse and trucks in rural area from sky view

Learn More About Our Warehousing Capabilities In Defiance & Napoleon, Ohio

Discover what makes Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing your best choice for warehouse facilities in Ohio. Take the next step and contact us online or call us at 419-780-3742 to learn more about our services and solutions today. We’ll also be happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote for your project.