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Building Materials

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For Enterprise Building Material Providers

The building materials industry needs high-quality warehousing, transportation, and co-packing solutions to handle products with care.

Keller Logistics Group is a reliable logistics provider serving manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers across the country. With over four decades of experience, we’ve established a proven track record for delivering efficient, closed-loop services to decrease costs and simplify the path from maker to market.

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Solutions That Scale

Respond to shifting demands and evolving price points effectively with building material logistics services from Keller Logistics.

Keller Logistics Group’s

Building Material Logistics Solutions

Keep your supply chain running smoothly with our building material 3PL services designed to cut costs and optimize efficiency.

How We Scale

Building Material Logistics Operations

Working with Keller Logistics Group comes with a variety of operational advantages, such as:


Keller Warehousing and Co-Packing leverages innovative warehouse management systems (WMS), RF bar code scanners, and other unique inventory management tools to collect vital data and automate tasks.

Count on our professionals to take care of important supply chain tasks while you focus on core competencies to grow your operations.

Our professionals have decades of industry experience across various logistics applications, helping give your business a competitive advantage.

From our dry van truckload transportation to display building services, we have a breadth of capabilities to address your challenges and keep your operations moving forward.

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Learn more about the advantages of working with a 3PL provider for building materials:

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Trust Keller Logistics Group to provide personalized solutions and adhere to your transportation, warehousing, and re-packing demands — whether you need one or multiple building material logistics services. Reach out to us to get the process started today.