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Co-Packing Technology

Keller Co-Packing Technology With Highly trained engineers

Technology Keeping Pace With Customer Demand

We processed over 3.2 million cases of product through our equipment in 2022.

The final stages of packaging represent the beginning of your product’s journey through the distribution chain. Transportation can be risky for businesses that fail to focus on the 3 Ps of third-party logistics – Protection, Precision, and Performance.

Our co-packing technology offers the utmost Protection for your products when they are at peak value, just off the production line. You can expect Precision in planning and executing a packaging strategy from us, as we have 40 years of experience ensuring customers a superior experience with the brands they trust. The Performance of our end-of-line packaging plays a critical role in avoiding risk and unnecessary costs that can cut into your company market share.

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Our BPTS is a highly efficient continuous motion servo-driven shrink wrapping process suitable for:

  • Single flavor, multi or variety pack
  • Registered or non-registered film
  • Printed or clear film
  • Product configurations of a pre-formed tray, unsupported product single or dual lane (2-Up), and pad-supported product

By compacting and baling trash onsite, we reduce trash volume for clients by as much as 90 percent, cutting costs in half and creating revenue through mindful recycling.

The Cellophane Heat Seal machine is excellent for sealing thermoplastic packaging materials in a wide range of custom sizes. Our heat sealer is ideal for closing the edges of plastic tubing to protect the content inside.

Flat, printed cartons go into our enclosed box gluing machine and come out folded into a box with perfectly sealed edges, ready for filling with the final product to become retail-ready.

Our L-Bar machine has three sealing sides to efficiently seal and cut centerfold shrink wrap in one motion, producing a tight yet transparent overwrap for a clear product presentation.

Our pallet wrappers give you a uniformly wrapped load every single time for a clean, professional, and consistent product for your customer. Reduce freight damage during shipping with perfect protection.

The Pantry Pack machine protects and delivers multi-packs of products without damaging the original packaging to provide a visible and emotionally appealing display that sells.

Modern Packaging Technology

Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing facilities in Ohio and Kentucky are equipped with highly efficient packaging technology to create variety, multi, and bonus packs, warehouse club packs, shippers, and end-aisle displays. All food products are labeled to FDA, USDA, and SQF certification standards. In addition to packaging technology, we have more than 100 co-packing experts on staff who can support the whole process with oversight and hand labor.

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Package Smarter With Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing

From state-of-the-art packing machines and superior packaging technology to experienced and responsive staff members, Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing knows how to maintain value, cut costs, and package products that meet high standards of excellence. Our inventory management system, Manhattan SCALE tracks products every step of the way, giving you maximum control. We accommodate the faster output, turnaround, and shipping times that the modern era demands. Contact us to learn more about our co-packing solutions.