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Trucking Services Enabled By Advanced Technology

Keller Trucking Technology

When you partner with us, our use of leading-edge technology benefits you as well

Keller Trucking invests in devices, methods, and systems that let our customers know where their products are during any phase of the supply chain we’re servicing.

Our staff efficiently uses these tools to manage drivers and equipment, enabling the informed decision-making that customers expect from our top-tier logistics operation. We work with companies that strive to be the leaders in their respective markets and industries.

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Transportation Management System (TMS)

Keller Trucking uses TMW Trimble as our Transportation Management System (TMS). This efficient tool integrates all the functions and services for end-to-end transportation processes.

The functions in TMW allow us to manage the unique and specific demands of our customers’ freight. With this platform, we are in full control of the information needed to make plans, set them in motion, monitor results, and make adjustments for continuous improvement.

Optimizing our use of a TMS ultimately affords you, our customer, the lowest possible freight cost and maximized on-time delivery.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

Every tractor is outfitted with electronic logging devices. Samsara is our provider of choice and helps Keller Trucking achieve our expectation of 100% legal logs. With the ability to track each of our trucks, we provide real-time data to our Operations Center in order to make the best decisions for our drivers and our customers. TMW has helped Keller Trucking to increase safety and compliance, reducing operating costs and providing improved customer service. Additionally, Samsara enables us to:

  • Provide our customers with real-time data on their shipments
  • Know the circumstances in the seconds before an accident occurs via in-cab cameras
  • Monitor our drivers’ performance in real-time
  • Coach our drivers before they develop bad habits that can result in an accident
  • Manage Hours of Service (HOS) and industry compliance
  • Manage our fuel consumption

Custom Proprietary Platform

We have IT resources dedicated to the Keller Trucking operations team. This Development Team has created our internal platform appropriately named “1K”. The applications within 1K compliment the TMS & ELD platforms in addition to custom reporting we utilize as continuous improvement tools. We monitor the activities below to enhance operational visibility:

  • Real-time capacity availability
  • Real-time truck availability
  • Corrective Actions
  • Customer scorecards
  • MPG tracking
  • Recruiting/retention/turnover
  • Driver performance & issue tracking
  • Driver labor tracking
  • Driver ratings of shipper/receiver locations
  • Student driver performance tracking
  • Driver safety performance evaluations
  • Driver fuel efficiency
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By investing in cutting-edge trucking technologies, we have reaped tremendous rewards with improved fuel economy, reduced theft, more informed decision making, and better productivity. Keller Trucking is happy to offer all of our customers these benefits, backed by the industry’s best customer service team. Contact us to learn how we can help upgrade your transportation program with the latest tools and capabilities.