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Domestic Trucking Transportation Services

Keller Transportation Services

We’ve come a long way from a single truck hauling watermelons!

Keller Trucking’s interstate trucking and transportation services enable you to safely and efficiently move freight from Minnesota to Texas and everywhere east, with additional outbound freight solutions out west.

Providing dependable service, timely communication, and steadfast commitment to customer service. To us, a truck service is more than just the truck itself. We treat our professional drivers like family with fair pay, flexible scheduling, reliable equipment, and responsiveness. Perhaps that’s why we were named one of 20 “Best Fleets To Drive For”; seven years running now.  Our well-maintained fleet is under 30 months old, with advanced tracking and technology in place to ensure down-to-the-hour visibility throughout your precious cargo’s journey. For over 40 years, we’ve achieved and maintain the highest safety rating issued by the US Department of Transportation. There are many transportation companies to choose from, but few that go the extra mile for you as we do. Contact Keller Trucking to learn more about the following transportation services we offer.

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Dry Van Truckload

Whether building supplies, shelf-stable food and beverage, medical supplies, manufacturing materials, or consumer goods you need moved, our dry van truckload service makes the move efficiently and securely. We cover short-haul and regional lanes throughout the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern and Southern US, as well as long-haul lanes through our affiliate, Keller Freight Solutions. Our fleet is equipped with satellite tracking, DriveCams, and fleet management software that minimize bottlenecks and keep your shipments running on-time.

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Dry Van Heavy Haul

We cover your transportation needs in fewer shipments! Through load consolidation, we can save your company considerable transportation costs immediately. Keller Trucking’s ability to provide cost-effective solutions for all your heavy haul challenges sets us apart from other heavy haulers. Our innovative dry van heavy haul service has reduced tractor-trailer weight by 22% to allow up to 52,000 pounds per truckload. Select tractors and trailers in our fleet are heavy-haul capable.

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Shuttle & Spotting Services

Shuttle and spotting services are critical to optimizing inventory and maintaining a well-run warehouse. Keller Trucking supplies experienced drivers, logistics personnel, and yard management software. Our shuttle service helps clients move perishables at a moment’s notice to ensure freshness, scale up seasonal or burgeoning operations, lower transportation costs, or simply maximize resources. Our spotting service provides real-time information and intelligent work direction in the yard while giving you complete visibility of trucks, trailers, drivers, cargo, and materials, so you can streamline yard management and keep inventory moving.

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Working With Keller


In these times of volatile truck capacity, dedicated contract carriage service is one of the fastest growing segments of the trucking industry, used by all major players from Walmart to Kroger even though they have their private fleets. Now more than ever, having contracted access to capacity and well-trained drivers from Keller Trucking should be considered as part of your transportation strategy without worrying about the upfront investment in equipment, technology, hiring, training, maintenance, adherence to regulations, route optimization, dispatch, or the liability. As your turnkey transportation solution, we supply well-trained and well-managed trucks and drivers, while you schedule pickup and oversee delivery through our advanced tracking system. Our continual commitment to maximizing efficiency has led to a 40% reduced driver turnover, an 11% improved billing ratio and an 8% empty mile reduction.

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Dependable, Award-winning Transportation Services

Keller Trucking has over 40 years of experience, along with the knowledge, technology, personnel, and equipment needed to support your enterprise. Our Defiance, Ohio-based business runs a vast transportation network without sacrificing the quality service you expect and deserve. We’ve won awards for highway safety, fleet safety, low out-of-service driver ratings, and our friendly team environment. Our team can be an extension of your team. Contact us for details on our transportation services or other logistics solutions we provide.

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