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Keller Logistics Group is the only asset-based 3PL that offers a full spectrum customizable Performance Guarantee across all our services – transportation, warehousing, and contract packaging.

Our Guarantee Helps You…

Minimize Disruptions

When suppliers and partners are in sync, there shouldn’t be any significant surprises to disrupt day-to-day operations. We become an extension of your business as we become intimately knowledgeable of your KPIs.


Meet Customer Requirements

To prove we are “all in” with our partnerships, we will work with you to craft a guarantee specifically tailored to your business to help solve issues that revolve around your unique business challenges.

Maximize Efficiencies

Rest assured, we leverage our resources, technology, equipment, and digital processes/platforms to optimize our performance in support of the most time and cost-efficient facilitation of your logistic needs. 

What does a customized guarantee look like?

Start by deciding what is most important to you and your business. What are you incentivized on? What expectations does your number one customer have of you and how can you ensure to meet those expectations? What goal are you trying to reach? How can we help you achieve these things?

Why do we provide a guarantee for expected service?

The answer is simple- because trust matters. It’s proven that high-trust relationships benefit both sides and strengthen a business partnership. Considering all the issues related to supply chain disruption and the complexities involved, the need for collaboration and innovation between partners is critical. We want you to trust that we will do anything we can to make our partnership with you successful. To prove that we back our service 100%, we promise to do What You Say When You Say, or We Pay.

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It’s not just a tagline. We promise to do what it takes to help you meet the business goal most important to you through your customized guarantee.

Performance Guarantee Business Brief

See how a major beverage manufacturer used our customizable performance guarantee to help them meet the stringent requirements of a big box retailer.

Are you thinking of a way this guarantee could help your business?

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How About Guaranteed…

On Time Delivery

Inventory Accuracy

Line Time

Billing Terms

Increased Visability

Assistance With KPIs

Enhanced Logistics Strategy

Improved Efficiencies


We’ve brought together the top questions we’ve received through our sales & customer services teams. If you have other questions, please give us a call, email, or use our Contact Us form.

Why offer a guarantee on services that are expected?

A business partnership needs participation on both sides. We want to show you how much we stand behind our ability to follow through on what’s most important to you. You can trust us to do what’s in your best interest, and we want to help you succeed.

Why is the guarantee customizable?

Every business focuses on different factors and every business struggles in different areas. We want this guarantee to be valuable to you – we want to help you reach incentives, increase efficiencies; overall, better some aspects of your business by working with us.

How does the “or we pay” portion of the guarantee work?

We promise to do what it takes to right the situation dependent on the conditions of the custom guarantee if we fail to meet the specific parameters outlined in your guarantee. The specifics will be worked out between you and our sales team when your custom guarantee is created.

Why allow the customer to tailor their own guarantee?

Only you know what will help make your business stronger, what pain points your business is struggling with, or what could use some improvement. Why offer a generic guarantee that doesn’t matter to some businesses, when we are willing to guarantee our ability to help your business with its specific issue?

A Performance Guarantee is a formal promise or assurance that certain conditions of an agreement will be fulfilled.

From our Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Keller:

“When asked why we chose to offer a guarantee at all, we believe in our abilities to perform at the highest level of customer satisfaction, so we’re willing to back it up.  When both the service provider and the customer have a stake in the result, service will be impeccable.”

We put our customers in the driver’s seat. Let’s talk about what aspect of our service is most impactful to your business and we will guarantee to work together with you to eliminate or minimize the issue you specify.

Does your logistics provider guarantee their performance?


Are you thinking of a way this guarantee could help your business?

Chat with one of our experts – it all starts with a personalized conversation!