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Driving Opportunities Available

Trucking Service Area

Keller Trucking serves customers across the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Southern United States. Our logistics team is conveniently headquartered in Defiance, Ohio, which is within a day’s drive from 40% of the nation. Over the past 40 years, our customers have depended on us for safety, timeliness, innovative solutions, and bottom-line savings.

Regional Trucking Service Area

Our regional service area encompasses routes of 500-600 miles per day and approximately 60% of our fleet performs these regional hauls.

Short-Haul Trucking Service Area

Our short-haul routes are destinations that are within a 250-mile radius of our Defiance, Ohio terminal with approximately 25% of our fleet specializing in this scenario.

Short trips of 250 miles or less can be costly if resources are not effectively managed. We use fleet management software and advanced technology to juggle all the moving parts and alleviate bottlenecks in regional transportation before they occur.

Long Haul or Over-the-Road Trucking Service Area

If your routing needs fall beyond Keller Trucking’s primary service area or Keller Trucking does not have the capacity, Keller Freight Solutions is the perfect alternative.

Keller Freight Solutions partner carrier network can accommodate short, regional and long-haul transportation needs with diverse trailer offerings including Conestoga Flatbeds, Double Drops, Dry Vans, food-grade Reefer, RGNs, and Single Drops.

Keller Logistics Group Service Area Map_wKey April 2018 The True Blue Logistics crew operates with out-of-the-box solutions and award-winning customer service in all 50 states!

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