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What impact on your business would you see if you were able to ship your high-volume, heavy commodities using a more convenient and cost-effective approach?

Dry van heavy haul is one of the many services the award-winning Keller Trucking offers. Enclosed dry vans are the most popular type of semi-truck out on the road. These large cargo containers range from 48 to 53 feet in length and are loaded by forklifts through the back doors. Unlike flatbed trailers, dry vans safely and discreetly hold your cargo and protect it from fluctuations in weather. Unenclosed flatbeds may be easier for loading oversized materials, as they can be loaded from all sides using forklifts or cranes, then strapped and tarped. Just about anything can be hauled in a dry van, except for refrigerated cargo, which is carried in our reefer trucks. Heavy haul trailers are designed to carry heavier weight capacity. When you have a full load to carry, no option is more efficient.

Dry Van Heavy Haul Delivers Flexible, Innovative Solutions


Keller Trucking’s Heavy Haul program has evolved into one of the most effective solutions for weight-sensitive shippers in our service area. In 2008, it started with a thought – if we reduced the weight of our equipment, we could haul more of our customers’ product on one trailer, thus decreasing the number of loads needed to ship the product. So we began working with our equipment manufacturers to reduce the overall weight of our tractor-trailer combinations. Freight and routing conditions or characteristics that would be ideal for this program would include repeat lanes and traffic patterns and shipments that weight out before they cube out (high density or heavier freight).

After 12 months of hard work and collaboration, we were able to reduce the tractor-trailer combination weight by 22%, thus allowing us to haul up to 52,000 lbs. per trailer, all while staying under the gross vehicle weight limits. This efficiency translates into huge savings for our valued partners. Heavy haul efficiencies have also led to shorter dock loading time, fewer labor hours, lower fuel surcharges, and reduced carbon emissions.

Today, a portion of our core fleet is heavy-haul capable. On average, our well-maintained fleet is less than 30 months old. We use the newest Cascadia Freightliner, which is designed with lightweight durability in mind and consistently delivers 8% increased fuel efficiency, not to mention adaptive cruise control and safety enhancement technology. Our trucks are equipped with the latest technology, including fleet management software, EOBRDs, DriveCams, and satellite tracking to demonstrate our commitment to the highest industry standards and give you greater peace of mind that your cargo is moving as swiftly, but also as safely, as possible.


  • Less overall loading time/dock times
  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer labor hours
  • Lower fuel surcharge
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Fewer BOL’s resulting in less paperwork
  • Less truck traffic
  • Less work for freight auditing
  • Lower line haul cost
  • Lower per pound/unit cost

Get More Than a Tractor-Trailer with Keller Trucking’s Dry Van Heavy Haul Service

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