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For over 40 years, Keller Trucking’s dry van truckload services have enabled clients to transport everything from pallets to boxes of cargo safely and swiftly. Dry vans offer a versatile method of shipping and are well suited for everything from clothing, electronics, and shelf-stable canned goods to manufacturing materials, automotive parts, health and beauty supplies, and so many other consumer goods. The enclosed nature makes this type of haul truck a good choice for high-value loads you’d like protected from inclement weather, shipping damage, and theft. Our hauling services include custom pick-up and delivery for large orders up to 52,000 pounds per tractor-trailer through our Heavy Haul Program. Contact Keller Trucking to learn more about “The True Blue Logistics Crew” difference or continue reading for the types of dry van truckload services we offer.


Short haul lanes are within a 250-mile radius of our terminal and involve about 25% of our fleet. The dynamics of short-haul haul trucking can be very challenging and costly in terms of labor and equipment if resources are not utilized properly. Keller Trucking excels in making sure our clients have their short haul needs met as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible. We use an advanced suite of technology like a Transportation Management System, satellite tracking, DriveCams, and fleet maintenance software to anticipate bottlenecks before they occur and keep our fleet running on schedule. Let us help your business grow with short-haul lanes that save you money and alleviate logistical headaches.


Keller Trucking is an award-winning company with its main terminal in Defiance, Ohio – conveniently located within a day’s drive of 40% of the United States. Our regional lanes extend to a 500-mile radius of our terminal and involve 60% of our fleet. We offer 24/7 dispatch to keep up with industry demands at a moment’s notice. You can expect clear communication, shipment tracking, and no surprises. Contact us for a free rate quote.


Long haul lanes are serviced by our affiliate, Keller Freight Solutions, which serves the more specialized shipping needs of our customers. We offer consistent coverage, high-performance standards, fair pricing, reliable communications, and on-demand availability. You can count on strict compliance to all CSA, FMCSA, and DOT rules, regulations, and requirements. Keller Freight Solutions offers coast-to-coast coverage, with an emphasis in the Midwest, South Central, Plains States, and California. Our long haul trucks include Conestoga Flatbeds, Double Drops, Dry Vans, Flatbeds, food-grade Reefer trailers, RGNs, and Single Drops. We’ve trucked every type of good imaginable, but our proven expertise is in hauling building supplies, food and beverage, medical supplies, scrap metal, and high-value commodities.


The True Blue Logistics Crew at Keller Trucking and Keller Freight Solutions treat all of our clients with the level of respect and consideration we give our family. As a family-owned-and-operated company, we care about each and every relationship formed. You will be matched to the Logistics Coordinator with the knowledge and expertise for your particular industry and type of freight. Unlike other companies where you’re “passed around,” we provide you with the same point person whenever you have a question, concern, or change of plans with your order. Contact us about partnering with Keller Trucking or Keller Freight Solutions to fill all your truckload hauling needs.

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