Warehousing requirements will rarely be identical from customer to customer – that’s why Keller Warehousing & Distribution offers a fully customizable suite of services.  Our turnkey services available to customers include:

We’re aware that our ability to perform these services is highly dependent on our warehouse infrastructure and experience. With that in mind, Keller has over 2.5 million square feet of warehouse space across the country, and we have the know-how to manage every inch of it. Some of the benefits of using Keller’s expertise include:

  • WMS/IT infrastructure (along w/ EDI capabilities)
  • Security: CCTV cameras, gated facilities
  • Food-grade facilities (AIB-certified)
  • Warehouse maintenance
  • 24/7 operations for several clients
  • Quick startup for seasonal operations

Want to see these benefits in action? Check out the proof on our success stories page.