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A Quick Look At How Shippers Can Benefit From Smart Load Boards

One of the leading trends in the shipping industry is the Smart Load Board. The technology of smart load boards matches shippers and carriers with the right loads in ‘intelligent’ ways by utilizing machine learning algorithms and data analytics. With centralized access to expansive logistics networks, shippers and carriers can leverage these freight and capacity finding solutions in ways that automatically identify the most fitting logistics partners for their situation.

Smart Load Boards present many opportunities for shippers to find capacity quickly and feel more confident about who they’re working with from a service and reliability perspective. Carriers benefit too, by getting access to loads from other shippers they may not have worked with in the past. Smart load boards enable carriers to cut down on empty-miles and keeps their trucks on the road.


More capacity

In a time of uncertainty and major capacity shortages, this digital tool offers companies a welcome additional option for securing equipment for their freight. By enabling shippers to find providers from a large database of high-quality carriers quickly, smart load boards helps shippers reduce the time they’re waiting around for a truck to become available and keeps their deliveries moving according to schedule.

Data security

Supply chain data is important and confidential, so the information Smart Load Boards use still needs to be protected. While this concern is understandable, most leading Smart Load Boards have measures in place to ensure that your data is protected, so you can rest easier knowing that your information is in safe hands.

Simplified transportation

No one likes the time-consuming process of exchanging call after call or email after email to pinpoint the little details that go into coordinating a pickup and delivery. Freight matching solutions simplify transportation management by accounting for factors like rates, product specifications, and pickups/drop-offs, eliminating most of the back and forth. In other words, the time it takes to coordinate a shipment gets cut back by a lot.

Better Decision Making

Smart Load Board technology takes care of communicating the basic shipping information and presents shippers with options they may not have been aware of. And, with better options, come better routing and decision making. The carriers you find can provide delivery solutions more tailor-made to what you need based on data analysis designed to address your unique preferences.

Increased real-time visibility

Smart Load Boards can also take data from many sources, such as ELDs, to keep users informed about where their freight is located and provide updates on driver eta’s, detention notices, and confirm when pick-ups have been made. With the increased real-time visibility provided by smart load boards, both shippers and carriers can track their freight in-transit and proactively deal with any issues that occur along the way.

Shippers who leverage Smart Load Boards are on the leading-edge of how technology can be best applied to improve their shipping process. At the best possible rate, finding access to capacity is what an efficient logistics operation is all about. And, used correctly, these are the first two benefits any shipper will realize from the technology.

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