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Keller Logistics Group to Take Over Former Credit Adjustments Headquarters

From the November 24, 2023 issue of The Crescent News

One of the area’s most vibrant companies has announced that it will take over a headquarters office building in Defiance that was abandoned not long after it opened.

Keller Logistics Group, located on Defiance’s Elliott Road, has acquired the former Credit Adjustments corporate office at 1250 Geneva Boulevard, just west of Latchaw Drove and south of ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital.

Credit Adjustments had opened a brand-new 31,000 square-foot headquarters there in 2020, allowing it to move from a building on Defiance’s eastern environs. The company later changed its name to Mammoth Tech, but in early 2022 abruptly shut down operations and went out of business.

In a press release issued by Keller this week, company officials announced their intention to bring together in the building the staff of Keller Logistics as well as four affiliates: Keller Trucking, Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing, Keller Freight Solutions and Keller Industrial Properties under the same roof in the Geneva Boulevard building.

“As our company has grown, we recognized the need for a larger, unified space that aligns with our culture and ambitions,” commented Bryan Keller, Keller Logistic Group’s chief executive officer. “Consolidating our operations in this modern facility not only streamlines our workflow, but also underscores our commitment to investing in our employees, our customers and our community.”

The press release noted that Keller’s Defiance staff — operating now at three separate sites — plan to move to Geneva Boulevard next spring. Before that happens, Keller plans to make modifications to the property and add more office space and a physical fitness center.

“This is more than just a new office for us; it’s a testament to where we’ve come as a company and where we’re headed,” stated Nate Schaublin, president and chief operating officer of Keller Logistics Group. “We’re incredibly excited about the potential this space holds for fostering innovation and continuing to deliver exceptional value to our customers.”

Defiance Mayor Mike McCann welcomed the move.

“We are excited to have Bryan and his team take over this property,” he stated. “They will do great things in there and great things for our community. We are all excited for Bryan and all the Keller affiliates.”

According to Keller officials, after the move is completed, the company will lease out office space at 850 Carpenter Road and 24862 Elliott Road where they are now operating.

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