Keller Freight Solutions Image of Computer Screen with Truck Locations

Freight Solutions Overview

From Maker to Market – We’ve got You Covered

Keller Freight Solutions, an affiliate of Keller Logistics Group, is a complementary arm of Keller Trucking and was put in place to serve the more specialized shipping needs of our customers.

We are freight brokers and experts at maximizing your freight efficiencies by mitigating capacity issues, covering lanes that can be difficult to fill, and providing you with specialized carriers that have met our strict performance standards. Our carrier partners provide you with versatility and flexibility in lane coverage, equipment type and on-demand availability.

We understand the stigma and stereotypes sometimes associated with the word “broker”.  While we can’t control the entire industry, we CAN do everything possible to demonstrate that Keller Freight Solutions has no resemblance to the “good ole boy” brokers of yesteryear. We would like every opportunity to prove it to you and EARN your trust through our acts of consistent coverage, fair pricing, dependable communications and respectful treatment of our carrier partners. As an asset-based 3PL you have the added security of knowing that our Keller Trucking fleet is available to back up the needs of Keller Freight Solutions.

We are fully compliant to all CSA, FMCSA and DOT rules, regulations and requirements.