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Freight Brokerage Solutions

From Maker to Market – We’ve Got You Covered

Keller Freight Solutions, an affiliate of Keller Logistics Group, is the complementary freight brokerage arm of Keller Trucking’s assets dedicated to serving the more specialized shipping needs of our customers. Today, more than 80% of goods and raw materials are moved by truck. Roughly a quarter of that cargo is managed by freight brokers – transportation middlemen who make the business run smoother for both shippers and carriers. This percentage is steadily growing as shippers look for capacity, optimize their routing guides and cut costs.

As freight brokers, we are experts in mitigating capacity issues, covering lanes that can be difficult to fill and providing you with specialized carriers that have met our strict performance standards. Our carrier partners provide you with versatility and flexibility in lane coverage, equipment type, and on-demand availability. We help you implement “industry best” practices to get goods to market quickly, at the most affordable price. We manage shipments using the latest technology, so you don’t have to worry about capital investments or learning curves. Working with a neutral broker from the start helps you remain flexible and proactive to overcome any logistics challenges that may arise.

A Freight Broker You Can Rely On

As your freight brokerage partner, we would like every opportunity to earn your trust through our consistent coverage, fair pricing, dependable communications, and respectful treatment of our carrier partners.

We’re not a “one and done” type of company. We value our partner relationships and work hard to sustain them through dynamic market shifts and changing needs. Our personalized approach works well for small, medium, and large-sized shippers alike. Let us be your advocate for getting your shipping needs met in the most affordable, efficient manner.

Freight Solutions Service Area

Keller Freight Solutions is pleased to offer inbound and outbound cargo transport and freight solutions anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Our headquarters is based in Defiance, Ohio. Our service area covers regions including:

    • The Midwest
    • South Central US
    • The Plains States
    • California

Keller Freight Solutions Service Area


Freight Solutions Capabilities

As Keller Logistics Group is an asset-based 3PL, you have the added security of knowing that our Keller Trucking fleet offers all the standard modes of transportation, like dry van and reefer trucks. We are also equipped to handle specialized needs, such as flatbed, Connestoga flatbed, single drop, double drop, and RGNs.

We serve a wide range of industries, from automotive, building materials, and food/beverage, to health/beauty, scrap metal, and retail. Our services include transportation management, carrier safety vetting, and bid event facilitation. We are fully compliant with all CSA, FMCSA and DOT rules, regulations and requirements. You can feel at ease with our track record of safety awards and our adherence to the TIA Code of Ethics. Beyond brokerage, we can function as a total third-party logistics provider with additional solutions for trucking, warehousing, distribution, and packaging.

Managed Transportation

Managed Transportation is a program that affords a shipper outsourced transportation and logistics services expertise to plan, organize, schedule and monitor their shipments. A Managed Transportation arrangement is ideal in the absence of a traffic or shipping department/manager. It is the right strategy for today’s competitive, ever-evolving capacity crunch. The freight shipping process begins with a conversation about where you are today and how you want to do business in the future. We want to take some of the load off your plate and help you leverage your transportation costs in the most optimal way. Coming up with innovative solutions for logistics challenges is something we’ve been doing successfully for 40 years. Freight brokerage is a smart solution to find capacity, book loads quickly, keep close tabs on your shipment, optimize your routes, and adjust your shipment frequency depending on your needs.

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