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For over four decades, Keller Logistics Group has been assisting a wide variety of manufacturing and retail clients with their day-to-day logistics needs — from trucking and freight to co-packing and warehousing. Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing became an affiliate of Keller Logistics Group in 1998 with a single 90,000 square-foot warehouse in Defiance, Ohio. Now run by Bryan Keller, our second-generation, family-owned-and-operated warehousing affiliate has expanded to over 2.5 million square feet of dry warehouse space at 9 locations across the country.


There are many warehousing companies offering a place for you to store materials and inventory, but few others are as passionate and competent at providing warehouse solutions and turnkey, customizable services. Our management and sales personnel come from transportation, warehousing, and logistics backgrounds — offering unique skill sets, but bringing the same, consistent passion and commitment to each of our clients. We strive to be the ideal partner for a wide range of businesses in need of reliable warehouse solutions.

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warehousing capabilities

We understand that your supply chain is an ever-changing puzzle – that’s why we take pride in our flexibility. Our warehouse capabilities include both seasonal shared use and dedicated year-round warehouse space. Most of our facilities are food-grade, “Class A” buildings with co-packing capabilities, which is why Food Logistics Magazine has honored us with “Top 3PL” recognition three years running.

All warehouse locations can be supported by our asset-based transportation services, freight solutions and contract packaging affiliates upon request. The diversity of warehouse services Keller Logistics Group offers makes us a strong partner for a diverse range of clientele. Our close proximity to manufacturing plants across the country, combined with our deep experience in logistics, “customer-first” responsiveness, and agile solutions to ever-changing markets, gives us the edge over the competition. One need only read a few of the success stories to get a feel for the professional and generous way we run our business.

No two warehousing clients are exactly alike. That’s why Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing offers a fully customizable suite of logistics services, which may include:

Whether you’ve run out of room in your own warehouse, need a place to store your goods between shipments, or simply want to make packaging adjustments on the fly, the experts at Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing will help you get the job done. We’re there to assist when you need to quickly scale up bandwidth, expedite shipments or develop a more efficient supply chain strategy.

Warehousing Performance Guarantee

Keller Logistics Performance Guarantee

Keller Logistics Group is the only asset-based 3PL that offers a full spectrum Performance Guarantee across all our services – transportation, warehousing, and co-packing.

In our warehousing division, we focus our performance guarantee on 100% Order Accuracy Fulfillment. If your company utilizes or plans to utilize a digital inventory naming and labeling service or uses a WMS, you should take advantage of our performance guarantee!

Visit our Performance Guarantee page for additional details.

warehouse technology

At Keller Warehousing & Distribution, we have personally seen what impact technology has on supply chain management, core competence, and profitability. We have invested in some of the smartest and most highly regarded warehouse technology to help you run your warehouse space smoother than you thought possible.

These systems include:


WMS - Manhattan SCALE

  • State of the art platform
  • Warehouse optimization
  • Order fulfillment
  • Optimize man and machine resources
  • Continuous improvement opportunities

RF Bar Code Scanning

  • Verified accurate data input/output
  • 2D barcode capability
  • Customizable scanning requirements

Inventory Management

  • Keller Proprietary “1K” provides our partners with customizable reporting options
  • Real-time visibility of on-hand inventory and activity
  • EDI/Order tracking
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • CLEO EDI Integration
  • Supports ANSI X12 Standard
  • Facilitates data regardless of format
  • Allows for automated business processes
  • Provides real-time visibility

industries served

Over the past two decades, Keller Warehousing and Co-Packing has provided extensive warehouse management services to the following industries:

Food & Beverage Industry

We make food safety our #1 priority, with AIB certification and strict sanitation standards. With food-grade warehouses in Ohio, North Carolina, and Texas, you’re never far from your supply chain.

Consumer Products Industry

We can accommodate any scenario, whether it’s a queue for secondary packaging operation or anticipation for the retail holiday season.

Building Materials Industry

Our very first warehouse was designed to safely store building materials for a nearby manufacturer. From pipe insulation to fiberglass products, we can stow materials in Ohio and Texas for any length of time, including peak seasons. We have particularly extensive experience with pipe insulation, fiberglass insulation, and fiberglass roofing, though we are not limited to these few items. 

warehousing facilities

Over the past two decades, Keller Warehousing and Co-Packing have provided extensive warehouse management services.

With over 2.5 million square feet of space across the heart of the country, it’s easy to find a convenient facility for your business. Choosing the right warehousing and distribution site depends upon the type of space needed and most importantly, the location; including proximity to resources and to labor, local ordinance restrictions, and accessibility to rails, ports, and highways. The ideal warehouse location will depend on price and flexibility to grow with you. Practical considerations like bay size, available storage space, dock doors, and ceiling height are all factors to consider. Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing offers a number of locations that optimize all these concerns.

Select warehouse facilities offer both dedicated and shared space

Dedicated warehouse space – dedicated warehouse space may be necessary if you have an abundance of materials or products to store or your products cannot co-mingle with other products. With this arrangement, the expenses of us running and managing the warehouse; including inventory shipping & receiving, labor, equipment, utilities, and technology are that of the sole tenant. Large companies may like the freedom and fixed month-to-month costs.

Shared warehouse space – Shared warehouses have more than one tenant and expenses are spread out among the clients who are also using the space. The costs adjust with the volume and activity of the business making it easier for small to medium-sized businesses to scale up or down if necessary. Companies that are new to the area also take advantage of shared warehouse space while waiting for dedicated space to become available.


Ohio Warehouses

  • Defiance, Ohio – Headquarters
  • Napoleon, Ohio
  • Perrysburg, Ohio

Illinois Warehouses

  • Mattoon, Illinois

Florida Warehouses

  • Jupiter, Florida

Texas Warehouses

  • Arlington, Texas
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Houston, Texas
  • Wilmer (Dallas suburb) – coming soon!

Kentucky Warehouses

  • Covington, Kentucky (Co-Packing)
  • Cadiz, Kentucky
  • Princeton, Kentucky

Georgia Warehouses

  • Newnan, Georgia

Washington State Warehouses

  • Spanaway, Washington
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Customer Testimonials

“When we ran into a problem with a shortage of warehouse space due to construction, Keller stepped up and was there to assist us.

Their responsiveness to our need was impressive. Within a couple weeks, Keller was able to transport and create enough space that our production was able to continue running efficiently.

What stood out the most to me was the smooth transition. And then after the startup, the Keller communication was great as they continually kept us updated in a very timely fashion.

Thanks, Keller for helping us during this important time for us.”

Tom Feddrix

Logistics Manager, The Fremont Company

“We have used Keller for many years to help us with our Warehousing needs. We currently utilize their services in both Texas and Ohio where they have been an instrumental partner in helping JM to achieve success with our Distribution network.

They have always been able to come up with significant additional space to fulfill our last minute requests. We have found Keller to be competitive in the Industry and it is our intent to continue partnering with Keller.”

Randy Brooks

Johns Manville