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Warehouse Solutions

Keller Warehousing & Distribution, LLC began operations in 1998 with a single 90,000 square-foot warehouse in Defiance, Ohio. Since then, we’ve grown to over 3.5 million square feet of dry warehouse space at 11 locations across the country. We understand the growing demand for businesses to be agile, responsible, and resourceful to meet high customer expectations.

Our management and sales personnel come from transportation, warehousing and logistics backgrounds — offering unique individual skill sets, but bringing the same, consistent passion, dedication, and loyal commitment to the clients we serve. We strive to be the ideal partner for a wide range of businesses in need of warehouse solutions.


Warehousing Solutions Provided by Keller Warehousing and Distribution

We understand that your supply chain is an ever-changing puzzle – that’s why we take pride in our flexibility as a warehousing provider. We serve a diverse client base with multiple options, from seasonal shared use to dedicated warehouse space for customers planning long-term. Many of our facilities are food-grade and all locations can be supported by our freight solutions and contract packaging affiliates if needed.

If you need something other than what we currently offer, we are happy to listen and discuss other possibilities. Whether you’ve run out of room in your own warehouse, need a place to store your goods between shipments, or simply want to make packaging adjustments on the fly, our experts at Keller Warehousing & Distribution will help you get the job done.


Dedicated Warehouse Space

Dedicated warehouse space may be necessary if you have an abundance of materials or products to store or your products cannot co-mingle with other products. With this arrangement, The expenses of us running and managing the warehouse, including inventory shipping & receiving, labor, equipment, utilities, and technology are that of the sole tenant. Large businesses may like the freedom and the fixed month-to-month costs.

Shared Warehouse Space

Shared warehouses have more than one tenant and expenses are spread out among the clients who are also using the space. The costs adjust with the volume and activity of the business, making it easier for small to medium-sized businesses to scale up or down if necessary. Companies that are new to town also take advantage of shared warehouse space while waiting for dedicated space to become available.


Warehouse Management Services & Who We Serve

Over the past two decades, Keller Warehousing and Distribution has provided extensive warehouse management services to the following industries:

  • Food & Beverage – We make food safety our #1 priority, with AIB certification and strict sanitation standards.
  • Building Materials – From pipe insulation to fiberglass products, we can store your materials for any length of time including peak seasons.
  • Consumer Products – Whether in a queue for a secondary packaging operation or awaiting the retail holiday season, we can accommodate any scenario.


As a 3PL warehouse provider, we are fully equipped to serve some or all of your logistics needs. The transportation and distribution aspect of our business has roots back to the 1940s. Keller Trucking or Keller Freight Solutions is at your disposal when you have materials that need to move from the warehouse to a final destination. Also, keep Keller Packaging in mind if your products require secondary packaging operations. Combine our logistics services to become a single source for your transporting, warehousing and packaging needs!


Our Warehouse Locations

Choosing the right warehousing and distribution site depends upon the location, including proximity to resources and to labor, local ordinance restrictions, and accessibility to rails, ports, and highways. The ideal warehouse location will depend on price and flexibility to meet your changing needs. Practical considerations like bay size, available storage space, dock doors, and ceiling height are all factors to consider. Keller Warehousing & Distribution offers a number of locations that optimize all these factors.


Ohio Metro Area

Ohio is considered our central hub, with over 700,00 sq. ft. of warehouse space. As Ohio is home to over 13,000 manufacturers, our locations are highly desirable in Defiance, Napoleon, and Whitehall – the majority of which are certified food-grade.


Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Houston, TX

Texas is considered our “second home.” We’ve been operating in the region since 2007, with warehouses in Dallas, Arlington, Houston, and Grand Prairie. Choose from four massive facilities in the region, totaling more than 1.50 million sq. ft. of fenced, gated, and camera-secured space.





North Carolina

Contact Keller Warehousing and Distribution for more information on warehousing and logistics or warehouse management services in any of the geographic locations listed above or use our Warehouse Calculator and RFQ Form on this page.