Labor Outsourcing

For whatever the reason or the season, let our resources be an extension of yours for your co-pack or co-man requirements.

With unemployment rates at record lows, many manufacturers are having a difficult time hiring enough employees to meet their customers’ product demand;  leading to missed ship dates and disappointed customers.

As an alternative to bringing on inexperienced labor from a temp agency, consider combating the shortage in the labor market by outsourcing aspects of your manufacturing to a contract packager.

For many companies, outsourcing packaging or assembly labor is an effective way to reduce operational costs. When you’re outsourcing, you’re operating with a smaller employee workforce, resulting in lower overhead costs.

The right partner goes beyond immediate dollars and cents. More and more businesses are turning to outsourced labor as a strategic move to access expertise, improve internal service, free up space, maximize resources, and adapt to evolving consumer needs.

At our Keller Warehousing & Co-Packing location in Napoleon, Ohio, we have 70 full-time professionals with extensive experience in contract packaging, including manual assembly and display building. National and local brands alike trust our staff to help when needed to assembly, finalize, process and ship orders on time and keep customers happy.

When to Outsource Manufacturing Labor

Outsourcing labor supplements your workforce by helping with:

  • Seasonality
  • New/frequent product launches
  • High-labor content packaging
  • Quality inspections
  • Sorting of non-conforming product
  • Cost control

When choosing the best provider for labor outsourcing, you’ll want to look for a business with experience in your industry, an experienced labor pool, a convenient location, and a proven track record of customer satisfaction. The staff at Keller Packaging are experts at effectively controlling costs, managing multiple projects, maintaining organizational stability, and are committed to interactive customer relationships.

Keller Logistics Group has been in business for over 40 years. We got here by placing a high value on two-way communication and taking proactive steps to avoid any bottlenecks in our clients’ supply chain. By offering a wide range of services, you’ll find working with Keller to be a convenient choice for warehousing, packaging, and transportation needs, all from one partner.

We can tailor a customized solution for your unique logistics needs. To discuss the possibilities, call us today, 419.784.4805, option 3.