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A Fundamental Guide To Contract Packaging Services

If your company is searching for ways to minimize packaging (and shipping) expenses, consider how outsourcing the packaging of your product to a contract packager, or co-packer can help reduce costs. With access to high-speed equipment and specialized services, contract packagers help manufacturers optimize core packaging functions and introduce better efficiency into supply chain processes.

Whether it’s a goal of scaling your business, lacking the proper infrastructure or trained employees, entering into a new market, or if you could use additional expertise to manage seasonality, most companies can benefit from working with a co-packer. For situations like these, outsourcing packaging services allows companies to increase production capacity without having to make enormous investments upfront in machinery or additional personnel.

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Here is a guide that details the general packaging services co-packers can offer to give manufacturers more flexibility, reduce lead times, and increase margins.

Contract Packaging Services Offered

Kitting and Product Assembly

Rather than picking and packing individual items for orders as they come in, kitting involves assembling related items into a kit ahead of time- based on their SKU numbers, so they’re ready to be shipped. This value-added service offers a faster, more convenient alternative for shippers that reduces the risk of errors, improves inventory management, and increases production efficiency.

Display Building

Displays come in a lot of different forms and can either be made to last on a more permanent basis or use corrugated cardboard and other components for a shorter time span, depending on your needs. Designing, producing, and packaging displays through one logistics partner cuts costs and offers many cohesive advertising opportunities for companies.

Club Store and Multi-Pack Packaging

Multi-packs, or bundles, are pretty much what they seem: multiple units of the same product packaged together in one container. They allow manufacturers to increase production volumes and provide discounted prices and variety to consumers.

Blister and Clamshell Packaging

A blister pack typically refers to the different types of pre-formed plastic packaging used to protect pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and perishable products for long periods of time. This type of packaging is more affordable and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Alternatively, clamshell packaging is a container (usually made from plastic) with two sides, or “shells,” that are joined by a small hinge. This type of packaging is easily accessible as well as recyclable.

Shrink Sleeving

Shrink sleeve labels are the 360-degree printed plastic or polyester film labels that completely encase a product. Because of their economic benefits and unique design versatility, their popularity is quickly growing throughout the industry.


Repackaging takes products that have already been in primary packaging and places them in entirely new packaging designed to better meet customer needs. For example, when your product requires safer packaging or was packaged incorrectly at first, this service ensures your finished goods can be configured in the optimal formats your customers want.

If you think about the competitive advantages packaging services such as these can offer your company, it’s worth looking into outsourced co-packing options!

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