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This is a company that continues to grow and expand year after year, yet still treats their drivers like family. I get great miles, good pay, safety bonuses, and fuel incentives. The equipment is top notch. Dispatch gets me home every weekend, and always works hard to help me when I need it out on the road. I’ve been driving a truck for 18 years, and fully intend to stay with Keller until I retire. – Cary Fugitt, Driver for Keller Trucking 

I’ve been with Keller Trucking for two years now.  The pay is great, I get great home time, and the trucks and trailers are only 2 years old at worst.  Maintenance issues are taken care of right away to keep me moving and making money.  You may think the grass is greener on the other side but for me the grass is as green as it can be here at Keller Trucking. – Shane Holmes, Driver for Keller Trucking

I’ve been with Keller for 10 years now.  Although I did quit twice along the way, each time I decided to come back shortly after – one time it was after four days!  Working for Keller just feels like home.  I get most everything I ask for, and though there will be those few things you don’t like, that is the case anywhere you go.  I don’t think I could work anywhere else – the grass is definitely greener at Keller. – Phyllis Tibbs, Driver for Keller Trucking

The reason I stay at Keller Trucking is the great pay and benefits, great maintenance program, new equipment, and they treat their drivers with respect.  At Keller Trucking, you’re a name, not just a truck number. – Eric Frost, Driver for Keller Trucking 

I have been with Keller Trucking in Defiance, OH for 32 years.  It truly is a great place to work, and feels like a real family oriented company. – Walt Bakle, Driver for Keller Trucking 

In my career which has now reached 36 years, the last 13 years with Keller Logistics Group, I’ve learned the benefits of team work, building relationships and listening more than talking.  I feel my voice is heard, and my opinions are valued and appreciated here. Working here has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. – Valerie Hageman, Logistics Coordinator for Keller Freight Solutions 

I like working at Keller Packaging because there is steady work, they are flexible with any family needs, and feel like I am always treated fairly. – Tabetha Williams, Line Lead for Keller Packaging

I like working at Keller Packaging because I enjoy the work environment that the employees create, the fast-paced requirements that my job entails, and I feel that I am appreciated working here. – Dan Ganske, Forklift Operator at Keller Packaging 

I like working at Keller Packaging because they are always trying to improve to make our jobs better, they are flexible and responsive when it comes to family, and management is very fair and open to suggestions. – Nancy Wade, Line Lead for Keller Packaging 

I love that I work for a local company with steady work.  Our work environment is always kept clean and organized.  I like being able to come into work and do what needs to be done and go home.  They provide options for overtime and profit sharing, and it’s just the type of job that I like to do, which is working and communicating with different people on a daily basis. – Julie Gill, Warehouse Clerk at Keller Packaging

I came to Keller after 12 years as a Human Resource Specialist and this has been a refreshing change of pace! Everyone has always been very welcoming, patient and helpful. “Busy” doesn’t even begin to describe my days but they are fun and I love being a part of the Keller family! – Lori Adams, HR Coordinator at Keller Logistics Group

I like working at Keller because everybody working here has the ability to make an impact.  We create solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.  Our culture embraces customer service, and we are dedicated to serve/anticipate the needs of all our customers.  We have a seamless way of working together to help our customers maximize efficiency and save money.  Our team is united with a goal to ensure that the customer always comes first. – Lisa Demland, Warehouse Clerk at Keller Warehousing & Distribution

It is nice to work for a company that cares for every individual employee and also cares about giving back to the communities we live. – Julia Stiltner, Accounting Manager at Keller Logistics Group

I’ve been a member of the Keller team for 6+ years and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.  The best part of working at Keller is the people I get to work with on a daily basis.  I can truly say I feel at home being a part of the Keller family. – Jonathan Wolfrum, Operations Manager at Keller Trucking

I like working for Keller because it is family oriented.  Management has an open door policy, listens, and always responds positively to any situation that occurs. – Cary Dietrich, Operations Supervisor at Keller Packaging

The culture at Keller is so unique.  It’s a beautiful blend of blue collar ideals and professionalism.  As one would expect in the logistics industry, it’s a hard-working, fast-paced atmosphere, yet I rarely feel “drained” at the end of the day.  In my mind, that’s a testament to the caliber of people we have throughout the organization at Keller. – Adam Wagner, Marketing Coordinator, Keller Logistics Group

I like working for a company where you are more than just a number. Keller recognizes all the hard work and dedication each and every employee brings to making them the company are. I enjoy the challenges each day brings, to see how I can better myself in learning all I can about each affiliate. I love that it is a family oriented company and that management is there to help you in any way they can. – Chris Hattemer, Warehouse Supervisor at Keller Packaging

The reason I like working at Keller so much is because every day brings a new challenge, and no day is ever the same.  Working for Keller feels like a family. – Kris Tillman-Miller, Safety Supervisor at Keller Trucking

Keller’s summer Intern Program provides the opportunity to gain hands on work experience that you simply cannot get in the classroom.  I have gained valuable experience, an insight into possible career paths, and direction for my future.  The atmosphere at Keller is welcoming and allows opportunities to network with employees. – Elizabeth Yarnell, Management Trainee Intern