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Hydrofresh HPP Awarded AEP Ohio Grant

Hydrofresh HPP Awarded AEP Ohio Grant

Additional Machinery Increases Business and Job Opportunities

Delphos, OH: Hydrofresh HPP, an affiliate of Keller Logistics Group out of Defiance, Ohio has been awarded an AEP Ohio Economic and business development grant in conjunction with Jobs Ohio. The company has acquired a second high pressure (HPP) processing machine, which requires additional electricity to the building. The addition of the second machine will create over a dozen additional jobs immediately and substantial increases in business volume.

Prior to receiving the grant, Hydrofresh HPP was powered by 1500 KVA, 1800 Amp electrical service. After investing in over $4,000,000 in additional equipment, the electrical requirements increased to 2500KVA, 3000 Amps.

Since applying for the grant in 2018, Hydrofresh HPP has met and exceeded all the original commitments required in the grant application regarding investment goals, increased job opportunity goals, and average annual wage goals per employee. With the installation of the second HPP machine, the company plans on not only meeting the original goal of 56 employees, but exceeding that number over the next three years as part of the company’s growth plan. Business also continues to grow, as the facility is expected to be at 90% capacity by year end.

About Hydrofresh HPP: Hydrofresh HPP was created and became an affiliate of Keller Logistics Group in 2018 as the first toll service provider to offer a complete high pressure processing (HPP) solution. From managing inbound transportation, HPP product processing, value-added packaging, cold-storage, and distribution; utilizing all or some of the affiliates is a one-stop shop for food and beverage companies’ logistics. Located in Delphos, Ohio, Hydrofresh HPP uses a cold pasteurization technique that subjects food products to a high level of hydrostatic pressure transmitted by water to extend shelf life while preserving the color, texture, nutrients and flavor of the product without the use of preservatives.

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