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Defiance Joins Together To Support Operation K.A.V.I.C.

Song inspiration: Join Together, The Who 1972

“When you hear this sound a-comin’ | Hear the drummer drumming | Won’t you join together with the band”

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! No matter when you celebrate, or how many times you get to celebrate with family and friends, we all have our traditions.

For some, it’s getting together with family, watching the Lions and then eating your feelings by devouring all the fixin’s that make up your holiday spread. For others, you may get together the day after with your family and talk about the family drama that happened the day before. Whatever your traditions are, I hope they are everything you hope for this year.

One tradition I’m sure a few of us have is going around the dinner table, while your mashed potatoes are getting cold (there’s not much worse than cold potatoes) and waiting for your family to list at least one thing they are grateful for this year.

If Keller Logistics Group had a Thanksgiving meal where we went around the room and mentioned one thing we were grateful for this year, I’m 100% positive the following statement would be said more than once:

“I’m grateful for the Defiance community; this year we really joined together to raise a record breaking amount for Operation K.A.V.I.C.”

“There’s a million ways to laugh | Ev’ry one’s a path |Come on and join together with the band”

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Operation K.A.V.I.C. (Keller Assists Veterans in Crisis), it is a partnership developed by Keller Logistics Group with the help of the Defiance County Veterans Office and Ravens Care of Defiance. Together, we ensure Operation KAVIC assists veterans in crisis at home.

Read the full Operation K.A.V.I.C. story

This year, at our 3rd Annual Veterans Appreciation Dinner in early November, we announced that together we were able to raise $48,994 to fund Operation KAVIC in 2018. That puts our three year fundraising total at over $125,000!

Event coordinator Natalie Oberhaus stated, “We are very blessed to work in a community that comes together to meet the needs of our friends and neighbors.”

To raise money for our philanthropy, we offer sponsorship opportunities to our business partners, local businesses, and community members. Year after year we are met with an overwhelming response for help! Not only does our community support local veterans by donating to the Operation KAVIC fund, they also donate to the event as well.

“Everything from pulled pork, to centerpieces, to door prizes is donated. The Defiance community really does join together to pull off this event for our local veterans; but what’s more important is the overall support of our local veterans. It continues to show every year.” – Bryan Keller, Keller Logistics Group CEO

Common requests assist with: housing/rent, food, gas cards, medical and dental bills, utility bills and tools for work.

Because of our success over the past three years, we’ve been able to expand to assistance outside of financial assistance. As we know, many veterans suffer from PTSD. Operation KAVIC can now provide assistance for veterans that would like therapy dogs!

Additionally, the fund also has a ‘scholarship’ program where veterans can apply to receive Yoga and Budo classes. We’re also working with Lily Creek Farms to provide specialized programs for veterans designed to help with the emotional and physical scars of military service.

Originally, we focused on financial crises; but with the support of the local community, we’ve been able to expand on the assistance and provide support to veterans that may be enduring a crisis other than financial!

We’re excited to hear the stories of how Operation KAVIC positively affected the local veterans in Defiance County. If you are interested in keeping up with our stories, follow us on Facebook: Operation KAVIC

Can’t wait for new stories? Check out the video we created that tells the stories of 4 local veterans and how they were assisted by the Operation KAVIC.

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

“Everybody join together | Won’t you join together | Come on and join together with the band | We need to join together | Come on join together | Come on and join together with the band”

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